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Great Customer Service and My Almost Lost Garden Gnome

Today, my coupon book and I took a "mommy only" trip to Target. I was there for over an hour wandering the aisles looking for bargains. Is it sad that I really enjoyed it? (I ended up spending $102 and saved $26 thanks to my coupons!) That's a story for another day, though. Today's tale is about Target saving me from a big mistake!

I finally bought Maggie's garden gnome Halloween outfit. Yes, it is super cute, no, she probably won't want to wear it and yes, I'll take pictures. So, I made it home and start showing my husband all my bargains and realized the garden gnome outfit is missing! How could it be gone? It's the *main* reason I went to Target! And of course, it was the last one in Maggie's size. It's listed as purchased on my receipt, so I missed a bag when loading up my cart at the register. My husband tells me to cut my losses and just go back tomorrow and buy another one. I'm cheap - I don't want to buy it again!

I finally call the store and give them my sob story. I'm sure they laughed at me for "needing to find my garden gnome". Regardless, they acted like it was no big deal and I wasn't the only idiot who leaves purchased items at the register. They were super friendly, told me they had the bag at the guest services desk and would hold it for me until I was able to return to the store with my receipt. Yay! Crisis averted! I'm a fan of any business that has outstanding customer service....and Target is on my list! Now, I just have to get the nerve to show my face and proclaim that I'm the crazy lady looking for the lost garden gnome outfit.

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Comment by Carrie with Children on October 25, 2010 at 10:20pm
Haha! I went back yesterday to pick it up and it was the same lady working that I talked to on the phone. She was so excited to see me! :)
Comment by Boomer Grandparent on October 24, 2010 at 1:16am
We've all done it. I'm proud of you for calling. All you need to do now, is get back in there, show them your receipt and say you're picking it up for your SISTER!!

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