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Even the strongest couples fall victim to routine. If you feel like you’re barely spending any quality time with your partner anymore, maybe it’s time to become more spontaneous and make an effort to reconnect. Check out this article for some tips that will help.

Missing that strong, intense connection you and your partner had in the beginning of the relationship? It’s easy to forget about romance when you live together, split responsibilities and have a busy and thrilling work life. At the end of the day, you suddenly realize that you and your partner may still share a bed, but it’s been ages since you shared a passionate or tender moment together.  

Maintaining intimacy takes hard work and dedication. Luckily, there are a few creative things you can try to rekindle the relationship. Whether you are interested in deepening your connection or reviving the romance with your loved ones, the following tips will help you spice up your relationship.

Reinstall date night

Remember your first dates? The sheer excitement and anticipation of them were enough to keep you up the night before. You didn’t need extravagant plans to look forward to hanging out with your partner. Now, however, dinner and a movie seem a little mundane. Instead, try out some fresh ideas of fun dates you can enjoy together. For instance, book a table at a karaoke bar or comedy club. If you feel the need to relax, plan a spa date. If you are looking for a romantic setting, try a drive-in movie or cook together.

Whatever you choose, remember to leave all your problems behind and focus on living in the moment. To restore your connection, talk about what you like most about your partner, take a walk down memory lane and remember your hottest past dates, or make exciting plans for the future. Avoid talking about day-to-day activities; smile provocatively, flirt and act like you are trying to pick up your partner instead.    

Bring back the romance

Even if you might have been in the relationship for many years, that’s no excuse to forget about romance entirely. There are small ways in which you can remind your partner how much they mean to you during the day. A warm hug before heading out to work, a heartfelt note left in their pocket, and a steamy text in the afternoon are small things; however, they can do wonders when it comes to rekindling a relationship.

If, despite your efforts, you feel like your partner is still detached from the relationship, it’s time to have a serious talk with them. Don’t make any accusations, as this may push them even further away. Instead, open up and explain how important you think setting aside a few minutes every day to connect with each other is. Ask about any problems they might be facing that prevents them from focusing on your relationship and try to come up with a solution together.   


Not from your relationship, but from your routine. If dates aren’t enough to spice things up in your love life, a getaway might do the trick. A weekend spent at a nearby hotel can be enough to help you create a deeper and stronger emotional connection. If you make it a surprise getaway, make sure that your partner is available and you pick a spot they will truly enjoy.

For the getaway to be a success, avoid overloading your trip itinerary with activities. Leave plenty of time to be alone together, enjoy each other’s company and renew intimacy and communication.

Get creative in the bedroom

This one goes without saying: when your sex life is growing stale, it’s time to look for new ways to reignite your spark. Role playing, sexy lingerie and dirty talk may not be for everyone, but are certainly worth trying if you are bored with your activities in the bedroom. Get inspired by watching an adult movie with your partner or reading a few steamy romance stories together. Trying something new can be challenging, but as long as you truly trust your partner you have nothing to worry about.

Nonetheless, make sure you go for something both you and your partner are comfortable with. If one of you is reluctant, the experience may have a negative impact on your relationship. Talk openly about what you would like to experience and make sure your partner is on board before lighting the candles and putting on some Marvin Gaye.

Learn a new skill together

Whether it’s learning how to rock climb or taking dance lessons, acquiring new skills can bring you closer to your partner. It will allow you to spend more time together outside your natural environment and learn new things about your companion. Just think about how fun it will be to encourage each other to excel and celebrate your small accomplishments.

It’s easy to forget how important your partner is to you. If you find yourself constantly putting off spending time alone with them, you may jeopardize your relationship. You can always find excuses: maybe you are too tired, or you have to finish up some work before bed. By making it a point to enjoy a few moments of tenderness with your partner every now and then, you show them how much you truly value their company.  

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