Growing up!

Izzy is 21 months old now and it seems like only yesterday when I found out I was pregnant! The day she arrived my life changed for the better as she brings us so much joy and happiness, a certain innocence that just makes you smile!

Izzy is a very independent little girl who likes to try and do things for herself, rather than have Mummy or Daddy do it for her! Always wanting to give it a go, even though most of the time she is just a bit too small and young. Izzy absolutely adores Floyd and they are both never far apart from each other, which is lovely, as Floyd has never been brought up with children.

Floyd is six years old now but is still just a puppy at heart. When we first got him I used to call him ‘Boots’ and he used to get so excited, whenever I call him ‘Boots’ now he gets that glint in his eye and his tale just goes into overdrive from wagging. Floyd loves going out on walks and I know ‘what dog doesn’t’ I hear you say, but his favourite thing is swimming! If we had a pond or river in the garden then I think he would end up shrunk! We all love to take Floyd down to the river which is two roads and two fields away ‘lucky for us’ and it doesn’t matter if there is snow on the ground and half the river has frozen over Floyd will be in the water having a truly fantastic time!

Izzy’s vocabulary skills have grown so much in such a short space of time, the other day she was painting and she said ‘yellow’ so clear and crisp, she also said ‘scissors’ which I think is quite a hard word for a child to pick up. Izzy is starting to put sentences together and one of her favourites when she has lost an object or her Daddy decides to hide from her is ‘Daddy, where are you?’ in this tiny little cute voice.

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work from home and be able to look after Izzy at the same time because I know that in the blink of an eye she will be 21 years old! So I am cherishing every second with her even when she has a little cry or we get the temper tantrums and believe me we do get those from time to time. I suppose that’s the joys of being a parent and watching your child growing up!

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