I've had to keep some exciting news under wraps for a while, but now I'm finally able to share it with y'all!  I'm going to be on a t.v. show!  That's nucking futs, right??!!

The show is going to be called "Mommy Bloggers" and will be sorta like "The View" meets "Desperate Housewives".  Five other bloggers and I will be chatting weekly about parenting and family issues that we've encountered.  But the cool thing about our show is that it will be totally UNCENSORED cause it'll be on the Internet!  Holla!

Here is part of the upcoming press release that sums up the show in a nut shell:

Los Angeles – They’re 6 of the nation’s top bloggers who, typically with twists of humor and wit, entertain moms everywhere with stories and advice about family and motherhood.  They have joined forces to create a new weekly über blog (actually, vlog) in the form of a TV show called, what else?  Mommy Bloggers. The half-hour show will be broadcast on the Network (


If you're wondering what the Network is (, it's “a new online television network designed to provide new and original programming to advance TV’s growing shift to web-based distribution. is owned and operated by Innovation Organization, LLC, a company Gary Kleinman, who is the former Disney Studios Vice President of New Media Technology, founded in 2010 to develop programming and new technology platforms for media distribution.


Kleinman, who was with Disney for 23 years, noted that offers ten channels covering popular genres including comedy, sports, action, drama, reality, kids & family, talk, how-to, science fiction, paranormal, and more.”

You'll be able to watch our show for free from your computer, your smartphone, your tablet or your web-ready TV set.  Pretty cool, eh?

The other awesome ladies who will be collaborating with me in this new adventure are:

Katie Norris:

Be sure to check out their blogs to see what a cool and talented group this is going to be!

We'll be taping the first show in the next couple of weeks, and I'll be sure to post details about when it will air.  And let me know if you have any topics you'd like to see us hash out!

Finally, thanks to all my AMAZEBALLS readers for helping to land me a seat on this panel of incredible women -- I wouldn't be where I am today without your continued high fives of support!  Smooches!  xoxo  :)

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Comment by Jennifer Marshall on September 18, 2012 at 9:00am

Thanks!!!!  :)

Comment by Maureen Lucier on September 16, 2012 at 10:19am

Wow congratulations I will keep my eye on your blog to see when it airs.



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