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Guess Your Baby’s Gender With A Chinese Gender Chart

All parents have been through it: The second you find out that you’re pregnant, you wish to know whether you’re having a boy or a girl. The truth is we mostly want the baby to be healthy but is so much fun to try to guess the baby’s gender and even making bets with the family.

There are countless methods that have been used to predict the baby’s gender. Whether is a newly pregnant woman or a couple trying to conceive, people want to know what the exact outcome is going to be. Do I buy dolls or trucks? Do I knit pink socks or blue socks? Which name am I going to choose? When shopping, what do I buy for the baby’s nursery? There are many questions new parents face when a new baby will arrive into this world but the gender-related generate a lot of wondering and the old methods arrive.

Methods to guess a baby’s gender

Some people say that if the pregnant lady craves sweets, she’s having a girl and if the cravings are salty, it’s a boy. When looking at the early ultrasound, some people say that top fetuses are girls and the ones that rest in the bottom of the picture are boys. There’s even a method where you get a ring on a string above your hand to see if it goes in circles or back and forth. Circles for girls, back and forth for boys. They are all pretty fun but none of the provides 100% accuracy and no real foresight.

Everyone enjoys guessing but sometimes the anxiety is too much and even some babies won’t cooperate and don’t want to show their genitals to the ultrasound machine! Anyway, the sex of the baby isn’t a lifelong secret and eventually it is known by all. Even so, there is a tool that a lot of people are familiarizing with and that is the Chinese Gender Chart, a tool that most moms trust in, more than old methods.


Origins of the Chinese Gender Chart

This Chinese chart is not a new invention. Although its origins can’t be tracked, its use has been seen in quite some recorded history. Chinese culture has been known around the world for being millenary and keeping their traditions for a long time and this shouldn’t be the exception.

According to some sources, the Chinese Gender Chart of Qing Dynasty was revealed in Taiwanese newspaper in 1972. It said that the paper of Qing dynasty's Baby Gender Calendar Chart disappeared in Emperor's Summer Resort after Qing Dynasty lost a battle with Eight-Nation Alliance in 1900. The paper was sent to British. Since the original paper is written in Manchu language. After translation, the King of British kept it as treasure. Later, the paper appeared in Austria. One Chinese scholar saw it, copied the content, brought it back to Taiwan and published in the newspaper.

The Chart shows the relationship between Age and Conception Month. The age should be the Chinese lunar age for women. The month should be the Chinese lunar months, using in Qing Dynasty. Chinese use Chinese lunar calendar until 1912, the first year of the Republic of China.

The world, back in the day, was a different place. Chinese dynasties, when it came to baby births, was focused on bringing male children into the world so they could be leaders. Although women weren’t as discouraged as we could think, they preferred boys to fulfill their leadership destiny. This chart could have been a very important tool when it came to the care of the pregnant lady. In this day and age, we mainly focus on the gender issue just to ease our curiosity and plan their baby gear.

How it works

The Chinese have a method of recalling someone’s age called “lunar”. The lunar age of each person varies from its Gregorian method to the lunar one. A newborn baby is one lunar year old, and he gains one more age in every Chinese New Year. It is quite confused to many people and that’s why they find difficulties in using the gender chart.

There are many sites talk about this ancient chart, but I always find this dedicated site on Chinese Gender Chart helpful, as they provide a Chinese baby gender prediction tool, which do all the Gregorian to lunar conversion for you. In just a few clicks, you will get the predicted baby gender.

This chart is a new tool in the western world. Even though it’s not 100% accurate, many women testify how much it works. Even if it is just as precise as a 50/50 outcome, the Chinese Gender Chart is one of the most trustable tools now known for the western civilization as well. You can test it with your family members, your birthday and your mother’s age at the time and many other people’s dates. You’ll see how accurate it is and how to expect only accuracy from this chart.

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