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Hair Loss Solutions Which You Might Not Be Aware of Their Efficiency

Hair loss can be a big bother to almost everybody no matter the gender. It mostly occurs in older people but also affects any age group category due to various factors which include:

  • Genetic factors.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Hair and skin tissue weakening.

There are different forms of hair loss solutions available in the market. We are going to look at some four ways which you might not be aware they are in use and effective:

  • Low dose laser therapy.
  • Minoxidil
  • Finasteride
  • Hair replacement surgery.

Low (level) doses of laser therapy

This is the use of special laser light with some degree of heat to curb various forms of hair loss in any gender. This method is referred by several other names like;

  • Red light therapy.
  • Cold laser.
  • Soft laser.
  • Bio-stimulation.
  • Photo-biomodulation.

The most effective lasers used for this process are helium-neon 632.8 nm and excimer 308nm. These low dose laser therapy devices use diodes which emit red light with varying nanometer wavelength strength. They can be either

  • Handheld devices.
  • Overhead panels or
  • Head caps.

It mostly targets those people whose hair loss is as a result of inactive hair follicles. It facilitates proper flow of blood in the scalp, and this stimulates the growth of hair follicles which support hair growth.


  • It can be applied to both genders.
  • It has been declared safe for use with no adverse effects.
  • It causes minimal or no pain at all to the patient.
  • Some of the handheld devices are portable.


Minoxidil has long been used as a treatment of high blood pressure together with other medication since it causes relaxation of blood vessels. During its use, one of the main side effects it had was causing overgrowth of hair. This triggered research which altered the chemical compositions to make it one of the best ways of treating hair loss.

It is sold as a tablet as well as foam from aesthetics shop as well as from health clinics. It is applied in the affected areas 2 to 3 times daily for about six months. It enhances cell proliferation and affects the hair follicles growth. This definitely leads to more hair growth.

Undesired effects

  • It can cause hair growth in unwanted parts of the body if it comes in contact with them by mistake. However, sometimes it causes unwanted hair growth even without coming into contact since it has been proven to cause hair growth on chests and lower back
  • Not fit for use during pregnancy.
  • It can be irritating, and you have to apply more than once daily.
  • It is not effective on receding hairline treatment.
  • Its use is continuous, and if you stop using it, any replaced hair might be lost in less than one year.

Hair replacement surgery

This is a situation whereby hair is taken from your active parts of the head especially the back, and the sides, then planted onto the areas with no hair. It is most effective hair loss restoration treatment due to balding rather than in hair loss caused by hair thinning. The hair can be moved in various designs;

  • As punch grafts-These are round tissues containing 10 to 15 hair follicles.
  • Mini-grafts- These are strips of tissues containing 2 to 4 hair follicles.
  • Micrografts -These are tiny tissues which contain mostly 1-2 hair follicles.
  • Slit grafts-This is a thin slit graft containing 4-10 hair follicles.

These hairs need to be transplanted together with some fatty tissues which will provide nutrients and base for the new growth. However, the hair falls off in the course of healing and only grows back gradually with time.

Undesired effects

  • Can lead to infections if not well handled.
  • Causes pain and numbness.
  • It leaves back scars at the donor sites, but these are eventually covered with growing hair.
  • Sometimes the transplanted hair might look unnatural.


Finasteride is primarily a medication for urinary tract diseases and enlarged prostate. However, the drug has also been proven as an excellent cure for hair loss in men. It reduces hair loss by more than 40% but once its use is discontinued the hair loss process will continue.

It reduces dihydro-testosterone levels in the scalp; DHT inhibits hair growth by killing the hair follicles. They are oral pills taken once daily for a time depending on the reason for taking them and the severity of hair loss. Its discontinuation is most likely to reactivate the hair loss process.

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