I thought I'd dedicate today's post to a very important member of our family--Harvey Hamel the Camel.

Harvey is a sweet, too-cute stuffed camel given to me by my sweet, too-awesome friend from college, Amanda, at a baby shower. I love this simple toy for many reasons. One, I love stuffed animals and have since (probably) infancy. So really, any stuffed animal is a friend of mine. Two, how often to you see a stuffed camel? It's so unique! And very manly, at that. No wimpy teddy bears for MY kid, only the finest middle eastern livestock will do!

A frequently asked question (faq for all you techie abreviators out there) is, "How did Harvey Hamel the Camel get his name?" Zeke and I have been going to Tiny Tales, which is a story time for babies at our local library, every week since he was about 8 weeks old. We have only missed a handful of weeks since then, and only for serious illness! For real! It's the best 15 minutes of my week! One week, the story teller did a bouncing rhyme about a Pony named Macaroni and it went a little something like this:
(bouncing baby on your lap)
I have a little pony,
his name is Macaroni,
he trots and trots and then he stops (stop bouncing and wait a couple of seconds)
My silly little pony, (stop for a couple of seconds)

Zeke absolutely loved it and I started doing the rhyme with him at home and he just giggled and laughed and thought it was the coolest thing ever! But I felt weird because he didn't have a pony to associate with the rhyme. So I looked over and there was his camel poking his little head out of the toy basket. So I started,

I have a little camel,
his name is......is.....uhhhhhhhhh.... HARVEY HAMEL!

And thus, Harvey Hamel the camel was given his name.

A few months ago, when we felt that Zeke was old enough to have a stuffed animal in his crib, we put Harvey in with him. We would put Harvey off to the side and let Zeke "find" him rather than putting him near him (paranoid about SIDS, for sure). We would often find Zeke cuddling Harvey around the neck or by the tail when we went in to wake him up. Then we noticed that when Zeke learned to crawl, he would immediately flip over onto his hands and knees and crawl to Harvey when put down for a nap. So to eliminate that, we started putting Harvey on his chest for naps. As soon as you put the child down, the thumb goes in the mouth and Harvey goes under the other arm. If you give him Harvey at any other time (during play time, etc.), the thumb automatically goes in the mouth. Now, Zeke has trouble napping because he stands up and throws Harvey out of the crib, then gets upset because he's gone. It takes a few tries to get him to go back down, because he often will immediately stand back up again and throw his BFF across the room. So it seems that our attempt at a comfort object has backfired. I know in my heart that it's only temporary, but do any of you moms have any advice, besides chaining the stuffed animal to the crib using those little plastic links and a hand-made collar?!!!

We love Harvey, but it's getting a bit frustrating!

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