Healthy Birthday Snack Ideas:

A child’s school birthday celebration should be centered around the child; instead, it has become centered around cupcakes. Parents bring in these unhealthy treats and kids rejoice. Yet with the current child obesity crisis, many are rethinking this caloric tradition. In response, I have created this list of healthy birthday school celebrations. Enjoy them! And please, let me know if you have any additional suggestions.

Non-Food Options:

1) Allow extra recess time in honor of each student’s birthday and allow the birthday child to choose an active activity or game. The birthday student’s parents are welcome to participate.

2) Craft project: Bring in supplies so each student can make a birthday card for the birthday child.

3) Craft project: Decorate a balloon with stickers and glitter. Each child gets to take their creation home.

4) Bring in a large balloon bouquet and let each child pick a balloon to take home.

5) Parent reads selected book of choice to class.

6) Create a birthday book for child; each classmate creates a special page about the birthday child.

7) Provide goodie bags with stickers, pencils, pens, school supplies, crayons, noise makers etc.

8) Arrange a classroom scavenger hunt with small non-food gifts for each child.

9) Decorate a birthday crown.

10) Bring in coloring books for each student. Have each child color a page from their book and then hang up the masterpieces and have a ‘gallery showing’.

11) Bring in small fun activity gifts for the students, i.e. jump ropes, mini-Frisbees, waffle balls. Allow some time for the students to play with their new gift.

12) Give each child elastic bracelets with birthday child’s name stamped on it.

Healthy (Or At Least Healthier) Food Options:

1) ‘Make your own’ yogurt parfait with fat-free yogurt, low-fat granola, and fresh berries.

2) Fruit Kebobs: Cut fruit into interesting shapes and let children put the fruit onto skewers with a few marshmallows.

3) Frozen Banana Krispie Treats: Cut a banana in half. Put a Popsicle stick in the banana and then smear with low-fat vanilla yogurt. Roll in rice krispies, freeze.

4) Fresh fruit topped with low-fat whipped cream.

5) Waffle topped with fruit and chocolate syrup.

6) Low-fat pudding with low-fat whipped cream.

7) Frozen fruit bars.

8) Create a trail mix: Let each child choose their own mixture of whole grain pretzels, multi-grain chex, and dried fruit.

9) Yogurt covered raisins.

10) Apples slices dipped in caramel dipping sauce.

11) Baked apples with cinnamon.

12) Sorbet.

13) Orange frizzes: Mix chilled orange juice with carbonated water and a scoop of sorbet.

14) One scoop of low-fat ice cream with sprinkles.

15) Exotic fruit of choice.

16) Jell-o topped with low-fat whipped cream.

17) Baked tortilla chips with salsa.

18) Homemade low-fat rice krispie treats.

19) Yogurt covered pretzels.

20) Baked potato chips.

21) Low-fat pita with hummus.

22) Baked tortilla with guacamole.

23) One scoop of fat free ice cream in a wafer cone.

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