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Why Every Family Needs Business-Level Internet Security

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Over the weekend I read a book. I had heard about it from my husband who had heard about it from a local radio station. While he told me about it, I got goosebumps. I was even more interested in learning more about it since the "characters" were from a town less than 30 minutes away from me.

I downloaded the book and read straight through. I could not stop reading it, it was THAT interesting.

The book is called "Heaven is for Real" and it is something I think everyone should read. Whether you are Christian or not, believe in heaven or not.

So what is it about...
Basically in a nutshell, a little boy 4 years old gets really sick. He is taken to the hospital where they aren't sure what's wrong with him, all the while he is getting even more sick and his parents are watching him die before their eyes. They decide to take him to another hospital and they find out his appendix burst and his body had been filling up with poison for 5 days. The Dr doesn't think he will make it and they do surgery.

By the grace of God, he comes through, gets better, then worse then better again. Over the period of months and years the parents learn of something extraordinary that had happened to their son while in surgery. The little boy, through many conversations tells his parents that he met Jesus, he saw heaven and angels. He saw his dad while in the hospital praying in a room all by himself. He also met his unborn sister that his mother had miscarried before having him. And met his great grandfather. All of these in which he had never been told or introduced to before.

What makes his story so real, is that a little boys encounter with heaven matched perfectly with so many scriptures in the bible. Things that a four year old would not know. Whether he attends church or not.

This story is so beautiful and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading it. I am a Christian myself and have always believed that heaven is real, but everyone has had doubts about their faith and I am no exception. This story obviously cannot be confirmed 100% but that's where your faith comes in.

I have always had a fear of death, ever since I was a little girl. Something so stupid triggered that fear but it had lasted my whole life through adulthood. And you know, after reading this book, death does not scare me anymore.  I feel content with it now.  I cant tell you how glad I feel that I read this. This was very uplifting and fulfilling and I would recommend it to anyone!

You can purchase Heaven is for Real for under $10 at 

Amazon and also on Kindle or iBooks!

Also, this is not a sponsored or paid review. I bought this book and wanted to share it with you because of how good it made me feel after reading it. I hope everyone gets the chance to check it out as well.

Speak up!

-So without any debates or nasty comments, I would really like to know a little more about my readers, do you think "heaven is for real"?

-Will you be reading this book?


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