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Help Austin's Wish Come True Tweet Extreme Makeover Home Edition

It amazes me every day how ordinary people are doing extraordinary things. It amazes me even more when they are 11 years old. I was over 40 before I got the courage to do something to change the world and my guest today is just 11 years old. Have I said that already? Take a minute to watch this video because you can help with this give and it won’t cost you a dime. It’s about one boys wish and he needs the help of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Just tweet or Facebook Ty Pennington (host of Extreme Makeover Home Edition) and let’s see if we can get his attention to help Austin and Calista. 

Day 188: Give 188

I’m not sure where to start with Calista, other than she is a remarkable young person. She raises money for the Special Olympics (which her brother Austin participates in) and Make-A-Wish Foundation in Pennsylvania. In 2010 she was awardedVolunteer of the Year for the Special Olympics and has already raised enough money to grant a one child their wish through Make-A Wish Foundation. Here is an email I received from Calista when I contacted her.

“The first wish I granted through Make-A-Wish was for a little girl named Jenna. Jenna is 4 years old and has neuroblastoma. Her wish was to go to Disney World and she is actually there right now. While she is in Florida, she gets to go to Universal Studios and Sea World, too! I really hope that I get to meet her.

I was inspired to help Make-A-Wish when I found out that my brother qualified for a wish and I read about Make-A-Wish. It just sounded like such a wonderful organization that I knew I had to help. I am working on granting my second wish and I’m about halfway there. The wish I really want to grant is for a little boy who wants to meet Taylor Swift. I don’t have a lot of time to be able to grant this wish, though, because he might be going in June.” -- Calista
Unbelievable1 A message to Calists’s Mom you “done good!” I have had a chance to read Calists’s website which is more than impressive. She is coordinating fundraising events back to back selling her crafts and homemade suckers. I was so impressed with Calista and her mission I wanted to see her at work. I watched the video on her sight called Austin’s Wish. Austin in Calista’s brother who is a Special Olympic athlete. He has a wish that is a little unusual and he needs Ty Pennington’s help. Austin would like to be able to help his Mom do the dishes but because of his disability he is no longer able to do it. He needs a Ty Pennington, Extreme Makeover Home Edition. When Calists’s family purchased their house it was in hopes that Austin would one day be able to walk. This has not happened and their house is very difficult for Austin to get around. Finding some independence as a growing young man is very difficult. He needs Ty to come and do his magic.
Here is my plea. Tweet Ty, Facebook TyTweet or Facebook the Extreme Makeover Home Edition show, email your friends a link to this post, like it on You Tube Let’s make it viral to get Ty’s attention. We know together the world can be changed but I need your help. Calista needs your help and Austin needs your help. Take a minute today and do what you can to get this message out into the world. Just maybe Ty or the Extreme Home Makeover team will hear our cries and grant Austin’s wish.

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