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Symptoms to Take Notice of in Children

The NHS has been facing ever-increasing pressures in recent years, with slashed budgets, staff shortages and lack of resources taking its toll on the quality of care. One of the many ways we commonly see the impact of these pressures is in waiting times for GP…

Mother of the Bride Guide

The day you’ve dreamed of for years has finally arrived! Your little girl is all grown up and has chosen a partner to start her life with, and you are officially a MoB -- Mother of the Bride! While congratulatory remarks are appropriate at this juncture, so are a few…

How to Through A Larger Than Life Small Wedding on a Budget

This one is as simple as crowdfunding your honeymoon. It might sound strange at first, but do you really need another blender or set of dinner plates? Instead of having your guests purchase a bunch of things you’ll end up trying to return anyway, why not let them chip in for…

Holiday Gift Suggestions (for the 1 year old and younger)

What to buy for a one year old? Especially when that (nearly) one year old has an older sister who has most everything! Well I did a bit of research and logged some time window shopping at Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Target and Amazon and here’s my suggestions…

Leapfrog My First Book ($14.99+) There are two different versions available. Good Night Scout and Fide and Seek on the Farm. I opted for the Farm version and allowed my little one to do a test-run in the store. She loved being able to flip the pages and the interactive noises (animals in this case). Cute and provided minutes of pleasure….minutes considered to be a very long time for a nearly one year old.

Fisher Price Corn Popper ($12.99+) Every time I’m in a toy store, my three year old grabs one of these and runs up and down the aisles. Well the last time she did, my nearly one year old was climbing out of the cart to try out the toy herself. Not only is my baby nearly one, she’s nearly walking too. So this is a perfect gift to help motivate her to keep on stepping. This toy actually is her birthday gift from her big sister….who most likely will be borrowing it from time to time.

International Playthings Flow N Fill Spout ($13.99+) Bath time is always fun…especially if you’re bathing two at the same time. So having fun toys in the tub is a must to occupy the child who is not getting scrubbed. This little toy automatically draws up water and provides an ENDLESS stream. Love it! Now I have to convince someone to buy it for me…oh I mean her.

Playskool Explore 'N Grow Busy Ball Popper ($24.00+) This is a great toy and it can even act as a fan in the hot summers. Using air, this popper is set to music and shoots the lightweight balls into the air and through its spiral track. My little one loves this toy…and loves it even more when her big sister chases after the balls that pop away!

Playskool Lullaby Gloworm ($9.99+) Considered an old-school toy, this oldie but goodie still makes my list. The perfect size for tiny arms, ours has gotten its fair share of cuddles and hubs. The face glows faintly and the songs are perfect to lull you off to sleep.

Leapfrog Chat & Count Phone ($16.99+) If you’re like me, you’re on your cell phone quite a bit. So it’s natural that your baby is obsessed with your cell. And if you’re like me, you’ve had to replace your cell a few times due to some tumbles it took at the hands of my children. So, to avoid the wrath of the hubs, I bought this very cool gadget which is also educational to boot. How could I not!

Ride on ($39.99+) There are many different versions out there but I’d suggest getting on that also acts like a walker too. The Dora the Explorer version by Kiddieland Toys is a good option. It‘s front loaded with an interactive section that’s perfect for playtime. It also sports a higher back for the child who is just learning to walk and has all the bells and whistles, i.e., lights and music.

Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical Table ($39.99) This “toy” is a staple and a must have! Perfect for the baby/toddler crowd this table helps promote walking or shall I say, scooting around this highly entertaining and practical snack storage system, i.e., the little drawer. This toy has it all including optional English and Spanish. Lights, music, activities and it’s also easy to clean. If you don’t have one of these, go out and get one! Now.

Well, that wraps it up. I mean how many toys can a nearly one year old have. Hope this helps. Happy shopping…and happy holidays to you and yours.

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