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How a Good Work Life Balance can improve your productivity

Work life balance is becoming more and more important with the new generation of employees looking for careers and opportunities that do not only just reward financially but offer a work schedule that ensures adequate time off.

With technology changing the workplace and making it more convenient to contact your colleagues or employees whenever necessary, the fine line that there once was between work and life is starting to disappear. This prevents employees from finding the time where they can fully switch off and enjoy their time off. Preventing an employee's relaxation leads to them feeling tired, unhappy which eventually leads to a decrease in productivity after a study suggested workers who were unhappy suffered a decrease of 10% in productivity. This is the opposite to workers who were happy, who were linked to a 12% increase in productivity with a lower absence rate, less sick days and are less often to change jobs compared to workers who were unhappy.

With more and more millennials entering the workplace and the IGen workforce beyond the horizon it could be worth considering small changes to your daily workplace to attract and retain new talent that comes out of full-time education and graduate positions. Find out how you can make small changes below:

Flexible Work Schedules

The traditional 9-5 work schedule is becoming obsolete with more and more businesses like digital agencies & start ups opting for flexible work schedules. This new schedule allows employees to fully control how and when they work and sometimes even where they work. Not only does this schedule allow parents to work around the school run but also to employees who are more productive burning the midnight oil compared to waking up at 7 am in the morning.

Allow The Ability To Work From Home

With the use of modern technology and apps online, work can be easily be transferred to home computers and allow employees to work from home. However, this requires the individual to be disciplined and productive at home.


It can be argued that the previous suggestion would make having meetings difficult with all employees not being in the office at the same time but you can work around this to ensure your employees have to be in the office at a certain time on a certain day. With technology an ever growing industry you can hold an emergency meeting no matter where you and your employees are as long as they have an internet connection.

Treat Your Staff

All businesses have busy periods so it is more likely staff will be more tired and burnt out after those busy periods because of stress and heavy workload. Allow them time to recover or treat them to a good lunch and allow them a paid half day/one day off after a project is finished as a reward for their hard work.

Have Employees Do As You Do Not As You Say.

While the suggestions above are changes that can have a positive effect. It won’t work unless the person in charge takes the initiative and makes this happen. As a leader, you should ensure employees are not only productive but healthy and refreshed too. This can be something as easy as asking all employees to take a break immediately or scheduling a weekly or bi-weekly team bonding session where everyone relaxes and enjoys themselves. Once you start the trend it is likely it will become the standard in the company which keeps and engages your employees.

It is fair to say that work life balance will become even more important. To keep and attract the best talent, it could be worth debating internally how to address how to accommodate the future generation of workers’ working habits and ensure their work life balance are in sync, leading to a positive difference to their health, well being, relationships and productivity and most importantly work performance.

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