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How can you get toned legs after Pregnancy?

There are many things that we, women, worry about that concerns our skin but, there’s one that we all love to trash — it’s the cellulite on the fattiest parts of your body, including on our legs. If you are pregnant or, have been to one, however, you know that there is so much more to worry about how your legs look after pregnancy other than those dimply, squishy cellulites.

 Look at your legs!

 Actress Kristen Bell’s cellulite was once highlighted in media and she had this to say: “I’ve had my cellulite circled…the more I looked at the pic, I thought, 'I look great!’…’I like my body. I have cellulite. Deal with it.’” Beyond that positive attitude though, you do know you need to take control of the situation or, you will never realize your “Fierce, fab and forty” goal.

 So, what can you do about your out-of-shape legs? Thank goodness, there’s a lot! Trim that cellulite and hit that tone grade you want to give your legs in gorgeous, tiptop shape once again. Here are top 5 ways how to get rid of excessive cellulite:

 1.  Weight Train. We know, “Aw,” right? To get those legs in shape, however, you do need to put some pain to gain back that lost muscle tone and firmness. It will take a lot of getting used to, to get in the habit of exercising and, although the road seems long, you will get there. At this stage, check out exercises that you can do at home using your weight and your baby’s because it is understandable if you wouldn’t want to spend an hour or more tucked away in some gym or on the track with your baby left at home.

 So, go grab the little one and try doing some leg-lifting exercises and lunges with your baby providing the weight you need to top up the handicap in your routine.

 2.  Pump up your heart.  Do you need to run a mile or stay on your treadmill for a full hour? Apparently not, that is, according to the Tabata Workout. Based on this workout routine, it is recommended that you run for your life for 20 seconds then, come to a full stop for another 20 seconds. Do this repeatedly for a total of 20 minutes, and you will get the ideal pump and calorie loss you need to get back into shape in no time at all.

 3.  Diet. They do come in pair — diet, and exercise, we mean. In fact, studies have shown that people who exercise are more aware of the food that they eat. We’re guessing it’s because they know that their constant panting during a workout serves as a steady reminder of just how hard it is to lose just 1 calorie, and how easy it is to gain one from a single fatty meal.

 Getting your once-sexy leg tone requires a more holistic way of looking at your goal. Slimming cannot work in isolation. To cut down one part, you have to work up your entire body, that goes for both exercising and dieting.

 4.  Sleep sufficient hours. Another major cause of losing your leg tone, and muscle tone in general, is not getting enough sleep. Your body weakens in general and you lose muscles too. It’s harder to gain back your leg tone when your muscles become lesser and lesser by the day. The standing order is to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Turn off your gadgets and find a peaceful, relaxing time to lull yourself to sleep in time to hit this meter.

 5.  Go in for a procedure.  Forget those skin firming creams. They don’t work for your cellulite, and the will certainly won’t bring any lasting improvements to your leg tone. Some of the most promising procedures you should consider more closely are cryotherapy, smart lipo, radio frequency therapy, Cellulaze, and Cellfina.



With so many changes that your body just went through becoming pregnant and delivering a baby, you deserve to give yourself a long, hard look in the mirror and not make yourself feel bad about the fat buildup on your tummy or, how large your legs have become. For a change, take pride of growing those “imperfections” because, goodness, a little life just came out of you, Woman! After going through that tough stage of your life, you know there’s nothing that can get the best of you, not even poor body image so get going!

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