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How Do You Deal With Depression While Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant and expecting a baby, this is supposed to be an exciting time for you but that’s not always the case when you are going through a depression, in fact, you could experience the complete opposite such as sadness instead of happiness and can’t wait for the pregnancy to be over.

This is how I felt in my last pregnancy, couldn’t wait until it was over because of the breakup I was experiencing at that time with my daughter father. Even though you may feel this way, know that it’s completely understandable and to not beat yourself up about it.

Some Possible triggers that cause depression are:

  • Relationship problems such as a breakup.
  • Stressful life event.
  • Complication during pregnancy.

Experiencing any of these things while pregnant can trigger depression within you.

3 Tips to Help you Deal with Depression during Pregnancy:

  1. Don’t try and deal with depression on your own. Trying to deal with depression on your own will cause you to brush off possible symptoms of depression as hormones imbalance from being pregnant. Now even though it’s possible for your hormones to be an imbalance, you want a trained professional to advise you of this information instead of assuming and causing your situation to worsen.
  2. Feed your body its proper nutrition. If your body is lacking it’s proper nutrition, it can cause you to experience symptoms of depression. Check and make sure that your vitamin D levels are balanced. Get your thyroid checked. Make sure you are getting all the right nutrition to help balance your mood and help you to feel better overall.
  3. Seek out help and support. Talk with your healthcare provider about how you are feeling during this pregnancy. Let him know about any fatigue or dizziness you may experience while pregnant. Don’t over look these things but report them to your doctor. Find a local support group in your area for pregnant moms, single moms or depression groups to help you in this season of your life.

In closing, dealing with depression while pregnant is something you don’t want to do alone. Get the help that you need and make sure you are eating a healthy diet that will assist you getting the proper nutrition that you and your baby need.

If you believe that you are experiencing depression during this pregnancy as a result of a breakup and looking to heal, go here.

*Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this post is my own opinion and advice. I am not a medical professional and in no way am I advising you to disregard any medical advice given by your doctor. Please seek professional help if you feel you are going to harm yourself or others.

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