Just how important are those Makeup Brushes anyway?

While sitting here supposedly doing my accounting homework, eating sunflower seeds (my favorite snack), and watching my brushes dry; you know multitasking, I started to think “Just how important are those makeup brushes anyway”

Well I guess it depends on who you ask. Most makeup artist will tell you that good quality makeup brushes are just as important as the makeup itself. Moreover, the perfect makeup brush will blend your powders, foundations, and so on seamlessly and is a more sanitary way to apply makeup and keep your skin irritant free. More than likely they will go on to say, applying makeup is an art and it will take practice to master the application you are trying to achieve with the right brush/tools.

Okay, okay, I get it. Makeup brushes are an important tool and should be taken seriously, or semi-seriously.

How do I determine if a brush is a good quality?
In my opinion, a good quality brush is one that does not shed while I am putting on my makeup. A good quality brush (to me), is soft and does not scratch my face, and although this does not fall under the technical definition of quality, but it is important to mention, a brush that does not cost an arm and a leg.

Now, what is considered “Good Quality Brushes”?
You start with the hair type and cut of the brush. I have found that most good quality brushes are from high quality fibers or hair. To test if a brush is good quality, rub the brush across the inside of your wrist. If the bristles feel stiff, coarse, prickly, or rough, more than likely this is not the brush you would want to use on your face. Also, you can flip the bristles back and forth in your hand, and lightly pull on the bristles. Even the best brushes will shed a little, but if you get more than a few hairs in your hand, it’s probably will shed on your face when applying makeup.

A good telltale sign of a good cut is the brush is soft and pointed.

What are the different types of brushes?

There are so many different types of brushes. I will try to narrow it down a bit. 
 Natural bristle brushes
    o Which include squirrel, badger, pony and kolinsky.
    o Natural bristles are used for layering of color with a range of techniques – from very soft (squirrel) to firm (badger).

Synthetic hair
  o Synthetic brushes are man-made of either nylon or polyester fibers
  o Synthetic bristles tend to pick up less color, so you'll get a lighter application.
  o Nylon bristles are usually better for applying concealer or cream products, because natural bristles absorb creams. . Advantages of synthetic brushes are:

  1. Less prone to damage from makeup and solvents.
  2. Easier to keep clean
  3. More appropriate for soft layering of powder color or cream color and concealer.

Do I have to spend a fortune for a good quality brush?

No, I have found many brushes that are good quality and did not cost a fortune. Here are a few I found to be reasonably priced and were made well:

Reasonably Priced Brushes:

Sonia Kashuk brushes
· Reasonably priced
· Can be found at
· Soft
· Well made

Real Techniques:
· Reasonably priced
· Soft
· Well made
· Several of my favorite brushes are from Real Techniques
· Can be found at

E.L.F brushes:
· Soft
· Very reasonably priced
· can be found at
eyelipsface.com, Target
· Most I have found to be soft
· Some will shed, and some will not (Studio line is better)

Revlon Brushes
· High-grade, super-soft fibers
· Reasonably priced
· Well made
· Can be found at
Revlon.com, Wal-Mart, and most drugstores

Paris Presents
· synthetic bristles
· Soft
· Reasonably Priced
· Well made
· Can be found at

Although, you can get the job done with inexpensive makeup brushes, sometimes you may want to try the higher end items. To paraphrase celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine, “Brushes are an investment”.

Mid-End Brushes:

Sigma Beauty Brushes:
· Mid-End priced
· Can be found at
· Well made
· Very soft
· Several of my favorite brushes are from Sigma Beauty

MAC Cosmetics Brushes
· Mid-End priced
· Can be found at
maccosmetics.com, mac pro stores, some department stores
· Well made
· Very soft

Higher-End Brushes:
Tom Ford
Louise Young

So no matter whom you ask, makeup brushes are an important tool to makeup application. Whether you purchase the expensive or inexpensive brands they will aid in a flawless look.

Let me know what a few of your favorite makeup brushes are.

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