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How Lauren Lake is Helping Women Change Their Lives

You might know Lauren Lake well from the hit courtroom show Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court, but did you know that she is also an ardent, all-around go-getter and believer in limitless living? In a recent conversation with Lake, we learned that she believes wholeheartedly in not getting in a box or even living in a box and she believes in life without limits. Those are the two undisputed keys, we learned, to Lakes' success. And, her successes are many. Lake recently celebrated 500 episodes of Lauren Lake’s Paternity Count, is a featured celebrity judge on Centric’s new entrepreneurial show, Queen Boss, and is slated to launch her Limitless Living Conference in Atlanta later this year. Not only that, she is a sought after legal analyst and expert for show like Access Hollywood, The Today Show, and the Wendy Williams Show. She does all of these things because she does not believe in living a life with constraints.  

Lauren Lake believes that all women should live the lives they want and deserve and there are no reasons she feels why women can’t have it all and credits her late mother and father with the freedom to be herself.

“I am able to be those things because my parents allowed me the room to grow and to discover,” said Lake. “I owe this to them because they gave me that room. I never felt there was something I couldn’t try or even to experience.”

Lake believes more women should adopt that philosophy in their lives and that is one of the reasons she is launching her upcoming conference to discuss limitless living. The Limited Living Conference runs from October 20 - 21 and is intended for multi-cultural, working women and mothers.

"It's time for us to have a gathering place where we come together and we figure out how to get to that next level of living," Lake said. "It doesn't matter where we are in life. You're always thinking about that next level and how to get there."  

Lake also co-founded the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN) that helps to empower women of color to see the possibilities of a career in entertainment.

“We started out doing events all over the country and then we started an academy for women between ages 18 to 26. We wanted women to understand that there are women behind the camera. There are a myriad of things that have nothing to do with just being in front of the camera.”

Lake is also contributing her expertise to Centric’s Queen Boss, a show that was recently described by Forbes as the Shark Tank for women of color. It allows black women and other women of color to put their businesses and innovative ideas in front of women who have created multi-million dollar businesses and brands themselves. A tough, but practical judge on Queen Boss, Lake asks tough questions of all the entrepreneurs who are vying for $25,000 in seed money. When Lake hears a pitch that is well thought out and makes sense to move forward she is their biggest champion in the conference room, but she is also quick to point out flaws that can be improved.

“Let’s be honest, as women of color we do not have the same amount of resources to further our businesses, or even the knowledge,” Lake mention when discussing Queen Boss. “And we are managing so many things in our lives: motherhood, being wives, heads of the households, and managing other careers. It highlights the women who often don’t get the shine they deserve.”

With all that Lake has going on, she won’t be slowing down or settling down anytime soon. We were impressed by how positive and empowering Lauren Lake is for women everywhere. She owns her future and is very smart about it.  By taking a few pages out of her book we can live a better, more fulfilled life. 

Visit Lauren Lake at

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