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Spina bifida is basically a birth defect which happens when the baby’s spine fails to form normally. The spinal cord & the nerves as a result branch out & may subsequently get damaged as well. Quite often, spina bifida may cause an opening in the child’s back that is visible. Sometimes, spinal cord along with its openings may push through this opening. However, at other times the defect may remain hidden under skin in absence of an opening. Symptoms may also vary depending upon the severity & location of the defect. While mild defects may cause few or no problems at all, severe spina bifida causes serious problems including conditions like weakness, bladder control failure or paralysis in some cases.

Physical Complications of Spina Bifida

Spina Bifida can cause several types of health complications which can hamper development of children in the formative years. It also have a significant psychological impact on both the child & the care-givers.

  • Bladder & Kidney Problems – Several children with spina bifida have problems with storing & passing urine. Quite often this leads to kidney stones, kidney scarring, hydronephrosis where either one or both kidneys stretch & swell due to build-up of urine & recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs). UTI can include high fever, blood in urine along with pain in back or side or pain while urinating. Treatment for spina bifida in such cases includes long-term antibiotics, measuring volume or pressure inside bladder, ultrasound scans & regular monitoring of bladder & kidneys.
  • Skin Problems – Spina bifida patients may have reduced sensation in legs as their nerves are unable to send clear signals to brain. This means that they find it hard to feel & say when they have damaged skin on legs because of burns, injuries or prolonged pressure resulting from sitting for long durations. Therefore, when children with spina bifida injure themselves without realizing, there is risk that skin can become infected or develop long-lasting ulcers. This is why it is very important to check their skin regularly for any signs of injuries.
  • Allergy to Latex – Many children with spina bifida develop allergy to latex, which is a naturally occurring rubber used in making products like masks, gloves, items of clothing & medical equipment as well. Allergic reactions to latex among spina bifida patients include skin rashes, watery eyes, to more sever types like anaphylactic shock which can be life-threatening & require immediate treatment.

Psychological Problems of Spina Bifida

Children with spina bifida often have to psychologically cope up with this condition. Many problems tend to develop as these children get older & start mixing with the society. As they become aware of the condition & as to how they are different from other normal children, they become reserved & withdrawn. Some other children with spina bifida may begin exhibiting a challenging behavior due to anger or frustration.

Affordable Treatment for Spina Bifida in India

Treatment for spina bifida in India is excellent in quality. Doctors in India are globally renowned to be well trained & experienced in order to perform the most complex surgeries including organ transplants. Moreover, spina bifida treatment cost in India is comparatively much lower than it takes in other parts of the world. International patients seeking affordable healthcare solutions beyond their homeland will therefore not only get the best medical procedure, but will also be able to save much of their hard earned money as well.

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