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What a Mom will do nowadays to help support and raise a child is much different than in years past when all one had to do was feed and diaper a child. The rest was just left to chance. It occurred to me this week as we are preparing (at my house) for ACT prep testing that there may be many of you who have not been down this road yet. As parents we must pick the right pre-preschool. This sets the whole education resume. One cannot have a bad Pre preschool experience otherwise it is homeless, living on the streets life for that poor baby! You must understand that pajama and movie day will include hot chocolate that needs to be served to 16 preschoolers and is not too hot. Deal with it babe!

We must make the cupcakes, cookies and Friday treats for the class at the Pre preschool. Make the very best table and stand for the International Fair at Kindergarten. No kindergartener wants to be embarrassed by his or hers parent’s lack of sophistication on the international circuit. All you ladies having babies had better be prepared to make a class of 18 kindergarteners look like they came from a German Alpine village. Yeah baby! We cool moms got it going on with the PTO night and harvest fairs.

Coolest booth is the one with gummy bear worms and cool whip (for those of you newbies). They eat this with no hands. Can we all applaud “wet ones”? What do you plan to bring to 2nd grade show and tell day? Will you adopt a cool pet? Don’t bring a stuffed animal to this! BORING!

Will you buy all products that contain the pink and white General Mills Box Tops ten cent coupons? If you don’t they will not get the treat that has been promised to the “good” children that send these in to school. Hey, there is eBay for those desperate enough to bid on free coupons for their child’s educational well being and experience. My husband wanted to know why we were suddenly eating “Total” cereal and I told him it was for his health. LIE! It was because they had double Box Tops on the cereal box.

Are you going to throw one of those lame birthday parties? Or will you have a princess/unicorn party with manicures and blind fold “kiss the prince” game? We put treats on a pink Barbie Christmas tree and let them pick off their winnings. Oh, all children win these days. Unless you want fits because hey, these parents just drop the little darlings off nowadays and want you to lock them up, um, I mean babysit their kids for several hours while they shop. Be prepared with fun games, lots of treats and a movie (nap) time.

Are you a BAD (Good) Mom? Do you hound all of your friends about who the best teachers are? Do you beg to be put in charge of back to school day with the PTO so you can watch your little darling go off to class? Do you spend a weekend cutting out Campbells soup labels? Hmm, hmm good! Oh honey, you better get cracking!

We are now about to embark on another great stage, high school! I can’t wait, she can’t wait but I am a little sad too. She wants JROTC and shooting (following her Dad), Art, she is my MSQueen cartoon artist. She also loves to read and is wanting some sort of career in the literary arts field or graphic arts, it is really too early to tell. I don’t think I need to win any contest with high school but I will just be there waiting to pick her up or take her somewhere that she needs to go. Another chapter and now I know why my Mom said she was just a chauffeur for all of us.

You are welcome to visit my blog, add your posts, comments and just have some fun.

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Comment by Sharon Cowart on July 15, 2012 at 9:15am

I know what you're going through. I have a daughter in high school too. Gardening, and later on blogging, is what I came up with to do so I could stay home with my children. Our youngest is middleschool age.


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