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How to choose the right implants for your breast augmentation?

How to choose the right implants for your breast augmentation?

When you are preparing for your breast enlargement, your first choice will be about the shape of the breast implants you want. This means whether you would like the round or anatomical implants and also the profile of the implants, which refers to their distance from your chest wall. Another choice you will have to make will be the surface of the implants.

Different shapes to choose from

Since everybody’s breasts have different sizes and shapes, women will be looking for different results from their augmentation procedure. While some may prefer round implants, others would want to get the teardrop shaped implants for their augmentation. How your breasts look after the procedure depends on the shape of the implants you choose. Take into consideration your body type, implant placement, the existent breast tissue and also the surgical incision that will be used for your augmentation.

Among all the shapes, the round implants have been the most common choice. These look like a flattened sphere and they enhance the breast’s forward profile. You will require wide base and larger implants when choosing the round implants. These make the best choice when you desire fullness on the upper pole of your breasts.

You can also choose the round implants if your breast augmentation goal is to achieve fullness, volume and cleavage. Some women may, however, feel that the results they get from round breast implants may not look natural and they may look for alternatives. These round implants have a smooth surface and can be textured. The symmetrical round shape does not cause any risks of rotation and their costs will be lesser than the teardrop shaped alternative.

Teardrop shaped implants

These are the contoured breast implants which is shaped like a teardrop. With this shape, your breasts get a sloping contour. These are expensive and have to be textured to avoid them rotating; since that could lead to distorted breasts.

Once you choose the shape of the breast implants, your next choice is the surface of these, whether smooth or textured. Textured implants improve adherence of the implants on your breast tissue.

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