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How to combat new mom sleeping challenges

There are various ways of getting good post natal rest which is very important not only for the sanity of the mom but for her safety too.

The main thing that always ensures that someone sleeps better is having a good mattress. But apart from ensuring that you get the best mattress at to sleep on, there are other specific things that a new mom can do to ensure that she sleeps better.

The first thing that a new mom can do to overcome sleeping challenges is lie down even if she cannot sleep. Just relax on your couch and stay away from the phone because it will destruct you. This can be so restorative. The second thing you can do is enlist help for night feeding. The best way of getting a solid stretch of sleep is by having someone else work your night shift. It is easy to turn feeding over to another person if you are bottle-feeding. But if you are breast feeding, you can introduce use of a bottle early. Pumped breast milk is equal to some hours of sleep.

The third thing that a new mom can do to overcome a sleeping problem is keeping the baby close. This can be achieved by getting a bassinet that gets attached to the bed. With this, you can reach your baby quickly without having to stand up. The forth way of overcoming sleep challenges in new moms is getting snooze inducing activities. For the moms who find it difficult to sleep even after caring for the new born the whole day, it may be tempting to get stuck in front of a television or computer. But this can be counterproductive. The light from the television or computer can make you remain awake more. Moms can try other things like listening to radio. For instance if you find it hard to sleep after waking up to breast feed, you can turn on a radio and lie there to listen to it. Before you know it, you will have passed out.

The fifth way of overcoming sleep challenges in new moms is being choosy about visitors. There are helpful visitors for instance your mother in law who can assist you in changing diapers and taking care of the baby. Also, there are aggravating visitors for instance your co-workers who only come to gossip. Studies on change in sleeping pattern of new mothers have shown that those mothers that receive less social support sleep more than those who get more social support. This is so because when relatives come to visit the baby, a woman feels obligated to entertain them and prepare them the best food. Those visitors that put high demand on you or expect a similar level of effort which you had before you got pregnant will sap your energy.

The sixth thing that a new mom can do to overcome sleeping challenge is avoiding coffee. Though taking coffee in the morning gives one the jolt needed to be alert, taking it so much can take away your need for sleep. A new mom should only take a small amount of caffeine.

The seventh and last way of overcoming sleeping challenge in new moms is developing an amnesty agreement. New moms at times wish that their husbands could lactate. Deprivation of sleep has a way of bringing emotions in new moms. Most of the times they will find themselves arguing with their husbands and lack of sleep for a long time make their minds jumble and their moods become sour. New moms need to make an agreement with their husbands that they should never take seriously the rude things they say to each other when they are half conscious. This is because all those are just side effects of lacking enough sleep. This will make the new moms more at peace.

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