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An average organ transplant recipient normally spends months or years anticipating a donor organ which would give them a second chance at healthy life. Out of necessity these patients focus on dealing with life-threatening illnesses while hoping for early organ transplant surgery to happen. With so much preoperative emphasis on hope & health maintenance, most patients will therefore be unprepared for changes in their health & lifestyle following organ transplant surgery. Moreover, coping with these changes will essentially require support, diligence & willingness in order to prioritize a healthy lifestyle & for maintaining a healthy organ which has been transplanted.

Emotional Issues Following Organ Transplant

There are many emotional issues which are unique to organ transplant patients. There is emotional struggle within the recipient patient knowing that a stranger will have to die in order to make organ transplant possible. Many organ transplant patients have acknowledged that they feel survivor’s guilt for having benefited from death of another. However, being able to establish a relationship with donor family, even through mail, will bring in a sense of peace for the organ transplant recipient patient. Moreover, some donor families & recipients even choose to meet each other for forging a bond over their shared experience.

Addiction Following Organ Transplant

Weeks & even months following organ transplant surgery can be very stressful for the recipient, especially for those who are battling addiction. Tobacco, alcohol & drugs are routinely tested for organ transplant patients waiting for the procedure as abstinence is a precondition at most organ transplant centers. However, since old behaviors can be overwhelming temptation takes place following organ transplant surgery.

Depression Following Organ Transplant

Depression following organ transplant surgery is not isolated only for people with unrealistic expectations, but is a common side effect of many chronic illnesses & major surgical interventions. Confronting depression & seeking proper treatment is therefore essential for maintaining good health in organ transplant patients. Moreover, organ transplant patients who are depressed are most likely to get back to addictive behaviors & less likely to play an active role during recovery, including long-term health initiatives.

Concerns about Return of Illness Following Organ Transplant

Organ transplant patients are commonly concerned about organ rejection & for need to undergo another organ transplant procedure. Fear of returning to poor health & to waiting list for another donor organ is a natural concern. It is therefore sensible for the patient to take an active role for maintaining good health while following instructions of the doctor alongside being proactive about diet & exercise will help them to feel in control of their own health in place of hopelessness otherwise.

Expectations Following Organ Transplant

Organ transplant surgery is not a cure for everything, although good health might appear miraculous for the patient following years of illness. However, organ transplant may be a cure for some patients unrealistic expectations can make them feel depressed & overwhelmed. Healthy organs do not cause immunity to normal problems associated with everyday life, but they can provide a chance to face challenges in life along with a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Changes Following Organ Transplant

There are many physical changes which organ transplant patients have to face following surgery & which go far beyond the immediate period of recovery. Several patients have to deal with fluid retention & weight gain alongside normal reactions to anti-rejections medicines which are required to be taken following organ transplant. Immunosuppressant medications can cause emotional changes & mood swings which are difficult to comprehend & still more difficult to deal with. These medications are also found to make the patient’s face rounder. However, these symptoms typically are found to diminish after proper dosage is established, but being aware of these is normal part of therapy which helps patients in tolerating short term effects of these medications.

Affordable Cost of Organ Transplant in India

India is an excellent healthcare destination for international patients seeking good quality of affordable organ transplant surgery in foreign countries. Cost of organ transplant in India is in fact just a fraction of what it takes to undergo similar treatments in other healthcare destinations across the world. It would therefore be sensible of overseas patients to undergo organ transplant surgery in India as they will be able to save substantial amounts of money with quality of treatment at par with the best in the world.

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