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How to Easily Organize Any Space In Your Home

Each day that I walk home from Aliya's bus stop I chat with one of my neighbors who also has a child that rides the bus with her. We basically share our thoughts on general things like life, kids and whatever we can think of for our five minute catch up as we walk home.

I work from home and I didn't have the previous day scheduled to work so me being my Martha Stewart self (I like to think so) kept myself busy. I told her how I organized Ayanna's entire closet before she came home from school. My neighbor asked me how in the world do I #1 organize and how do I do it before her return from school. It lit up my good idea light bulb above my head to share how easy it can be to organize any room in your home well and rediscover the real definition of time management.

My step by step tips on organizing any space in your home.

1. Go in with a plan. Study the area. Before you begin be certain what your goal is going to be.

2. Things you may need: sticky notes, box(es), pen or pencil and a garbage bag(s). I'll tell you why later.

3. Now that you're prepared. Remember stay focused. I do not turn on distractions like TV's but I do    perform better with my tunes so music is never far away.

4. This is the fun part. Completely and I mean completely empty your space and leave nothing. During this step you may as well clean your space so when you return items they're stored in a clean and beautiful space.

5. Now everything that you've taken out needs to be sorted by the following catagories. This may or may not apply to your space so make your own judgement. "Keep" "*Store" "Donate" "Trash" This is where the sticky notes and other items come in. I used to stick my notes on the wall in the hallway or where ever I have space. I'd prefer to keep the notes and the trash bag as close as possible so that I can stay in my work space until I'm done. The trash label may not be of good use to you, technically what I do is use my trash bag for this step and throw the trash away as soon as I see it. I don't hesitate.

6. Once you really get good at this organizing thing you won't really need to label things for sorting unless you wish to but if you have a partner helping you with the job then its a good idea to keep this step to avoid confusion later.

7. Fill your box(es) with the items that you can donate to your local donation drop off center and donate that day or as soon as possible to prevent sentimental set backs.

8. Now the items you're keeping can go back into the space only if you're not choosing to purchase *bins or *containers. Now you can neatly fill your containers and label them so that the person or people using them knows where to find things and return them when not in use. At this point everything you're keeping should be returned to your clean and organized space.

You'll be proud of yourself that you've gone from something like this.

To something like this. I know what you're thinking. These are not the same closets but you are certainly catching my drift right?

*If you are choosing to purchase bins or containers for your space make sure that you measure the space(s) that you're putting a particular set of items as well as measure those items going into back into that space. That way your items will fit perfectly. If you already have something at home to contain your items. (I love doing this). You can save some big mulah!

Tip: Dollar stores have varieties of containers for a fraction of the cost if you budget cannot stretch enough to purchase some from top organizing retailers. Either way you can still make your space organized and beautiful.

*If you chose to use the "store" catagory. You can use a box or bin to store things away that you plan to keep but just maybe out of season for example. My fave for this step are bins, they especially keep clothes dry and  smelling fresh also they keep them free from critters that are known to be attracted to cardboard boxes.

Now that you've learned how I can organize any room in my home. I hope that this has been helpful to some of you. Please share with me what you think? Do you already have a organizing regimen? Please share your tips.

Always remember.

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