Here's How to Make Money Playing Games Online

If you like to spend your free time gaming or gambling online, you aren’t alone. Video gamers spent an average of 6.5 hours per week playing with others online, and 4.5 hours with others in person, during 2016, per NewZoo. Statista reports that the online gambling industry will from 20.5…

The Strategy to Choose the Best Credit Cards

Do you desperately want to get hold of the best credit card? When you opt for credit cards, you should be aware that every option has its set of benefits and rewards. This is why you need to make your choice wisely. We will just give you a guideline in this regard.

First, we…




How to Find the Best Realtor to Sell Your Home

Trying to sell your home? Not sure where to find the best realtor to help? Phone books, direct mail, offline marketing, email lists, and online ads are just some of the places you can find real estate agents advertising their services to home sellers. If you’re overwhelmed with the options, know you’re not alone. Calm your mind and use these tips to find a good agent.



Network referrals hold more influence than a stranger's referral, but if they’ve never experienced their work in person, then even a network referral is no better than a stranger's recommendation. Use those referrals as an entry to finding the correct agent, but don't necessarily take them at their word. Do thorough independent research yourself before making a decision.



The true test begins by checking an agent's reputation. Referral or not, agents aren't created equal. Experience, education, productivity level, and a license are mandatory. Their experience, education, and productivity level should exceed your expectations. View their website. Read online reviews related to them. Gather references and contact them for additional information. The answers you find should determine whether this agent is worth your time.


The In-Person Meeting

Meet the potential real estate agent in person. Treat this interaction like an interview. Ask tough questions pertaining to experience, education, state license, marketing strategies, and communication methods. Continue the interview by inquiring about sales history, commission, home value, and current knowledge of the city and neighborhoods. The best agents will answer all questions without any problems.


Investigate At Least Three Agents

True researchers never focus their energy on one agent. They study three agents minimum. With three agents, sellers can compare commission, marketing tactics, communication skills and prompts (i.e. how long it takes to respond to emails and calls), and comfort level. That said, never select the first agent you meet, read about, or hear about without first doing the same with others. Additionally, never select an agent based on low commission charges. The sale of your house depends heavily on the agent, so a low commission charge doesn’t matter if the agent can never sell your house.


Contract Negotiations

A binding contract is risky. You will deal with this agent with a set commission rate for a specified amount of time. Contract length depends heavily on market climate, however, as slower markets receive longer contract obligations than fast-paced markets.

With so much to worry about, finding a good, quality real estate agent shouldn't become too great a weight. A great agent will make selling your home a breeze, rather than adding to the current stress. Unfortunately, the best agents won’t arrive at your doorstep. You have to find them.

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