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5 Common Fundraising Mistakes that Might Be Hurting Your Organization

Fundraising is hard work, done with the best intentions in mind. While you might get caught up in the spirit of “doing good,” you could be doing it wrong. Whether it’s a communication failure or a lack of foresight, here are five mistakes you’ll want to avoid when…

Life Changes I Wish I’d Made Sooner

By the time I turned 25, I was sure my life was a single-lane highway.

A single-lane highway with no exits. As far as I was concerned, I was headed in the same direction, with no…

3 Easy Ways to Share Nature With Your Kids This Summer

There’s something about the summer that brings out the fun in kids. Long summer days without any thought of school foster the type of carefree living children relish every year. The only bad thing about the summer is it can go by really fast. As parents, it is important to…

How to Look and Feel Good During and After Pregnancy

It's perfectly reasonable to want to look and feel great during pregnancy. After all, you deserve to live well. The following are some tips that can help you always to maintain a radiant glow whether you are in your first trimester, or you're several months past the birth of your child.

Feeling Great: Diet and Exercise

To maintain a healthy glow and avoid fatigue, you have to partake in eating a nutrient-rich diet and getting lots of exercise. The best foods for pregnant women contain iron, folic acid, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin E. Vitamin E is great for the skin. Examples of some of the foods that you should partake in are eggs, salmon, lean meat, spinach and kale. These items will help you stay energetic, alert and glowing.

Exercise is crucial to your well-being while you are carrying a child. However, you have to be cautious and make sure that you never overdo the exercise. Keep yourself safe by following your doctor's advice when it comes to the extent of exercise that you perform. You should be able to exercise regularly, about three times a week for at least 20 minutes if you have a low-risk pregnancy. The exercise that you do will keep you trim and encourage rapid weight loss after you have your baby.

Feeling Great: Mental Wellness

A healthy diet and a steady exercise plan will keep you balanced mentally. You can also do some other things to fortify your mental wellness while you are carrying a baby. Joining a support group or an activity group for pregnant women is a great way to get people to support you. Another thing that you may want to do is sign up for a knitting class so that you can make some cute little booties and clothing for your little one. It'll help you develop a stronger goal-setting technique and will make you happier.

Looking Great: Wearing the Part

Looking great during your pregnancy will help to build your self-esteem as your belly gets larger, and you take on your upcoming mommy shape. Try to find clothing that's flexible enough to cover you while your belly is expanding and make you feel comfortable while still fashionable. The inventory can seem scarce, but you can find such items. Additionally, you may want to buy some stylish diaper bags, a cute stroller, or an adorable baby carrier so that you and your baby can look good together. Don’t forget that it’s okay to treat yourself to a manicure or hair appointment while pregnant or right after you give birth. Growing a baby is hard work!

Post-Pregnancy Tips and Strategies

Your life is going to be extremely demanding and challenging after you have your baby, so you'll have to make great efforts to stay positive during this time. Keeping a scheduled and disciplined exercise regime is important so that you can return to your pre-pregnancy weight. Another thing that's ultra-important for you to do is make sure that you have supportive people in your life who will help you with the baby when you need to take a night out with your mate or with friends. Having personal time for yourself is crucial to your wellness after the birth.

After you give birth, you will want to continue eating healthy and exercising regularly. Many mothers are worried about trying to lose their pregnancy weight quickly after giving birth. It isn’t healthy to try a drastic diet after giving birth to shed the weight. Maintain a goal of leading a healthy lifestyle, and you will lose the pregnancy weight in a healthy and natural way.

Those are just a few tips for keeping yourself healthy and happy after you give birth to your beautiful baby girl or boy. You'll think of new creative ways to stay content as you try these and see the results.

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