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How to pass your cannabis test with flying colours?

 Testing for cannabis can sometimes be a bit problematic given the length of time it shows a cannabis test. The main reason is that the active substance in cannabis (THC) binds to the body's fatty tissues and in daily use of cannabis, the amount of THC will remain in the body.

 Do you smoke or ingest weed, and want to know how to get weed out of your system in a week or several days? A lot of people may encounter that sort of problem because they have got to deal with a mandatory drug test for work or school. And if you need to pass that cannabis test with flying colours then you can follow the tips in this article!

 Try drinking milk or water!

 Milk would help quickly absorb THC and quickly sober you up too, while water helps remove THC from your body. Drinking milk or water is an easy way to diminish or stop the effects of cannabis. Two glasses of milk or water are needed to rehydrate and calm you down.

 If you feel nauseated, avoid milk and prefer a few glasses of water. Rehydration is important if you do not feel well and fresh water will comfort you immediately. 

Running and sports help too 

Running is a good way to become sober again. There is no need to hit a half marathon, 15 minutes are enough, plus some push-ups added in as well. Basically, a little cardio session and the blood will circulate faster in your bloodstream to be cleaned up faster. Physical activity forces the body to metabolize THC, much faster than in your couch! 

Fulfil the munchies 

If you have smoked, you should have the munchies anyway. A popular way to get back down from the high quickly is to eat. Preferably sweetened or starches. For example, a pizza, a sandwich, a bowl of cereals or fruit will do the trick. Most people feel better after eating. The food helps to absorb the THC and makes it go down again. The fibber in those foods also helps your body get rid of the THC present in your bloodstream. 

Do not eat too much either. The fruits are naturally sweet and are already effective. Avoid sweets or eating too much fat and protein. They could make the effects of THC feel even stronger. 

Opt for herbal detoxes 

You certainly would not want to stuff your system with other chemicals for the purpose of detoxing the THC from your system. But opting for chemical supplements would still make you feel sick. Go for detox herbal supplements then. Cranberry juice and water are the best natural detox options. Supplements in addition consisting of 100% natural agents could do you a lot of good. 

You can try out the steps outlined in this article so that you can pass your cannabis test on the day that you take it. A lot of people go through surprise drug tests, so you can quickly enact these methods if you need to detox fast. All of the tips here are how to how to get marijuana out of your system so that you can sober up fast.


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