How to Say 'I Love You Mom' - Mother's Day Gift Guide

How do you thank a mother for all that she does for you throughout the year? Whether your children make something at school for you (which mine do) or spend time with you (which I am thankful my teenage son does, at least one day a year), these gift ideas would show any mother just how much they are loved and appreciated.

Customized Bracelet for Mom – Lizzy B Vintage will customize a bracelet for your mom by using five words you choose to describe how much your mom means to you. The words are taken from vintage dictionaries and placed under glass set in a silver plate bracelet. CONFIDANTE, FRIEND, HUMOR, CHEF, SASSY are words that I would use to describe my own mother. And yours? Order it at Lizzy B Found Vintage for $62.00. While there be sure to check out her entire line of jewelry just for mom.
Personalized Notepads – Perfect Notepad to keep handy for jotting messages to the school or other moms. Let Sara Tams on Etsy know all about your children and what information you want the notepad and she will customize it to your liking. See her shop here.
Mother/Daughter Aprons – For the mom who loves to cook with her little chefs, these matching aprons come in a variety of matching designs. Check out for a cute and practical gift idea under $30.00.



Sterling Silver Clamshell Necklace - Do you have a secret message for your mom? Inside these necklaces can hold your words close to her heart. You choose the message, the choice of front cover pattern and your mother’s birthday stone or favorite gemstone. To order from Etsy artist, Laughing Raven Designs, contact here. The necklaces are made of recycled sterling silver. $52.00. Great for graduation gifts also.
Glam CD – FABULOUS/STYLISH SONGS FOR THE UNFORGETTABLE GALS by unforgettable artists. The songs are all about her and isn’t this what Mother’s Day is all about? Buy at Soft Surroundings for $17.95.
Fancy Shower Caps – DryDiva has the perfect shower cap for your mama to have a private spa day in her own en-suite. These are not your mother’s caps. Made of soft laminated fabric with your choice of ribbon and topped off with enough bling to make your mom feel like a prima donna in the shower. Buy here for $24.00.
LUSH Spa day – And to add to the spa day LUSH, has the perfect reusable hatbox filled to the brim with decadent products to let her know that she truly is should be pampered too. Buy the Mum Gift at LUSH for $57.95.
Canvas Portrait - Take that favorite snapshot of the family or you with your mom and make it look like a piece of art. Simply go to Canvas People and upload your photo, select the size, frame and add special effects and they will send you the finished piece to you by Mother’s Day.
Artsy Couture – Push the photo wall art one step further by creating a floating gallery block with a series of your photographs mounted on a large image background block creating a one-of-a-kind piece of personal art. Only your imagination limits the endless possibilities. Buy here at Artsy Couture. Makes a great graduation gift also.
Mother/Daughter Cuffs – No matter what the daughter’s age is these sterling silver bracelets create a special bond that will instill fond memories of many joyous days together. Buy them from Etsy artist, Fireweed Impressions for $48.00.
Statement T-Shirts – Listen to your mama! And when she wears these t-shirts from courierfontwear you (and everyone else) can’t help but follow her wisdom. See the full line here. T-shirts for $28.00.
Flour Sack Towels - Treat the mom who loves spending time in her kitchen with these large flour sack tea towels. They come in a variety of beautiful old vintage French designs. These absorbent towels are a perfect to use as the gift wrapping for a more substantial present. To see all the different images check out the Full Circle Studios website. Each towel is $16.00.
Baboosh T-Shirt – Are you a proud mama that would like everyone to know how many children you have? Here is a great t-shirt that tells the world that you are the Mommy of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. It comes also in a tank top and short sleeve t-shirt.  Buy it at Baboosh Baby for $48.00.
“Queen of the Kitchen” Recipe Holder – This is the perfect gift for the mom who loves to cook. She can use it to display a 4″ x 6″ recipe card or share the menu of the next family get-together. Each stand, from a.i. paper , is made from recycled masonite board, hand made paper and ribbon. Buy it here for $34.50.
Floral Mindset Mechanic Tool Kit – Here is the perfect toolbelt from America’s Mindset Mechanic Julie Rahm, that can hang in the broom closet. But it is more than just a tool kit, download the ebook written by Julie Rahm, Handle Everything – Eight Tools You Need to Live Well and Prosper, which explains how to use the tools metaphorically to handle everything in life, from relationships and careers, to money, health and the future. Buy it on Amazon for $29.99.
Story of a Lifetime Book – I wish a had given this to my own mother before she passed away. After listening to her brother shares stories about my mother when she was younger I realized how much I did not know about her. This is an invaluable keepsake. Buy it here for $68.00

No matter whether the gift is handmade, store bought or just spending time with your mom, it is always much sweeter with the simple words “I love you” to go along with it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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