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How to Turn Your Basement into a Teen Hangout Space

As any parent can attest, having a teenager in the house can be challenging. Along with the hustle and bustle of a teenager's life, there is the task of making sure everyone can have enough space to themselves. For teenagers, this may involve finding a spot in the house to create a hangout especially for them and their friends. While some people may have a spare bedroom for this purpose, many parents are converting their basements into hangout spaces that teens can have all to themselves. If you're looking for a way to make your teen happy as well as everyone else in your home, here are some ideas for turning your basement into a teen hangout space. 

The Joy of Peace and Quiet

If there is one unwritten rule when it comes to teenagers, it's that they will tend to get louder with age. Whether it's playing a musical instrument, having the latest battle with video games, or simply having a laugh or two about something that happened at school, teens need their own space to unwind. By converting the basement into a room that has been soundproofed, you'll not only satisfy your teen but the other family members as well.

The Designated Study Space

While many parents assume the basement must be turned into a place used only for fun and games, that's not necessarily true. For many teens, converting the basement into a designated study space is a great idea. To do so, using interior sliding doors and glass wall partitions can turn any basement into the perfect study nook. By purchasing these items from The Sliding Door Company, you can be assured of having doors that take up a minimum of floor space while providing a maximum amount of functionality. Safe and sturdy, they can be customized with locks and latches, and can also let in plenty of natural light to create an area that's perfect for studying alone or with some friends. In addition to the glass wall partitions and interior sliding doors, some basements use interior barn doors as a way to turn their basement into a truly special room. Available from The Sliding Door Company in frameless, suspended, flexible track, and wall slide options, these doors open and close off space as you wish, are very safe and sturdy, and give teens the chance to decorate the basement exactly as they wish. 

Couches and a Pool Table

For many parents, they are willing to put up with a little noise so long as they know where their teen is and what they are doing. To ensure this happens more often than not, put a couch or two in the basement to give it a rec room feel, then splurge and add a pool or ping-pong table. By doing so, you're sure to have the one house in the neighborhood where virtually every teen will want to be after school and on weekends. Not only will the kids be able to study for the big test, but they will also have a place where they can put down the books for a few minutes and play. Whether they are playing a rousing game of ping-pong or trying to sink the eight ball in the corner pocket, this is one idea that's sure to be a big hit.

Planning for the Future

If you have multiple kids in the household, creating a teen hangout space in the basement can be a smart move toward planning for the future. After all, sooner or later everyone will want their own bedroom or place to hang out with their friends. By being proactive about this and fixing up the basement on your own, you'll stay ahead of anything that may come along regarding privacy for your teen. If you want to do this on the cheap, consider shopping at some secondhand furniture stores, where you're sure to find a bed, chest of drawers, nightstand, chairs, and other essentials at very low prices. By taking your teen along with you on the shopping trip, they can play a big role in helping to decide exactly how their new hangout will look.

While everyone at some point needs their own space, it's especially important for teenagers. Whether it's using the basement as a study room or a true teen hangout, there's no doubt using interior barn doors or other items is sure to make the renovation process an exciting one. So if you want to have a teen that thinks they truly have the coolest parents on the planet, purchase some glass wall partitions, a sleeper sofa and some chairs, a pool table, and other items necessary for a teen's survival and get started turning the basement into a hangout they'll have fond memories of many years from now.

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