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"I don't suffer from insanity I enjoy every minute of it"

Blissfully Bipolar Mommy


So 1 AM did not find me well...I had yet to sleep due to another manic night, and I had been dealing with a semi sore throat for a couple days now. Like that wasn't bad enough, at 1AM I had to puke. Sitting up in bed, looking to the floor, seeing my big lug lab Riley peacefully snoring, I was seriously going to throw up all over that recently bathed yellow fur. I didn't waste a moment more, my ass was up and bookin' to the bathroom. I made it to the sink before it came up. Yeah, not my finest moment. I wiped myself off, kinda sorta brushed my teeth, took 2 tums and went back to bed and passed out. Woke up this morning with freezing, cold sweats, sore throat, all around yucky oh and with the added bonus of diarrhea! Awesome... 

Another order of business, if your reading this FOLLOW ME

Now that that's out of the way, I figure I will give you people that are hopefully going to be reading this some random fun facts about me, ya know like Us Weekly, how they do the "25 things you don't know about [insert name here]"?

Here goes:


  1. I am 24 years old but some days I am an 8 year old diva and some days I am a 76 year old cranky man that tells my husband to "grow a set of balls" you would think I was like a Vietnam war vet the way I talk when my old man alter ego creeps on in. 
  2. I got my first job when I was 14, and my second, and my third and fourth. I was a housekeeper, cashier, oh a cashier again, you'll never guess...then another cashier (I was a terrible cashier). 
  3. My obsessive-compulsive disorder causes me to be obsessed with the organization of silverware drawers. Don't ever show me your silverware drawer I will take it apart, wash it and rearrange it to a point you will not ever want to touch it again...
  4. I break every piece of glass I touch, I only allow plastic cups and Correlle or paper dishware in my home. 
  5. I got in several physical fights as a teenager because of my temper. I attacked a boy in 9th grade global history class because he had tried locking me out of the classroom. I gave him a black eye and got suspended for 5 days. I hated being picked on.
  6. I had a very large group of friends until I went to a mental institution. When I got out I had one. 
  7. The one friend I had has been my best friend since we were 3 years old. Still is :) 
  8. I am 4'11. 
  9. I got my front teeth pulled in the first grade and they didn't grow back until the summer between 4th & 5th grade. 
  10. I am obsessed with manners. If you are rude, I will kill you with kindness (unless I'm having a bad day then I will be your worst nightmare). 
  11. I would leave my husband for Paul Walker. No shame...
  12. I have anxiety about being on the phone with people I don't know, even some I do. I avoid it at all costs, it makes me stutter while talking!
  13. I have a sister who is 4 1/2 years older than me and acts about 25 years older. We are complete opposites. 
  14. I punched my sister in the face on the day my grandmother died because she was being a bitch (a lot more to that story)
  15. I am closer to my mother in law than my mother 
  16. The only dream I have consistently had since I was a little girl was to be a mom...and a monster truck driver. 
  17. I gained a huge amount of patience working as teaching assistance to teenagers with trauma issues. I also learned to look at the glass half full in my own life from time to time..
  18. I not so secretly act like I am better than certain people to their face...because I am! 
  19. Yeah, I am completely HONEST to a fault.
  20. I hug anyone and everyone who is willing to accept a hug. 
  21. I hate breathing in hot air, it makes me have panic attacks. Therefore I hate summer.
  22. I wish I was better about going to church, I just get so bored. 
  23. I love other peoples business. I will do anything I can to find out gossip. 
  24. I've never done drugs other than pot. 
  25. I want four kids and would be completely happy if they were all boys


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