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I was listening to a friend of mine discuss her schedule of dropping off children for soccer each week. She has three children. They all play soccer. It sounded brutal.

I am not sure when they are all able to eat dinner, or talk as a family or she is allowed to leave her car, but it instantly made me thankful that my son is not into many organized sports. He likes some, for certain, but I feel truly thankful that on any given day when he has PE, he comes home with stories about how much he likes tag.

I loved tag when I was his age - it's one of those rare games that you can start anywhere, anytime. Like him, I loved when we were allowed to play tag during PE. Unfortunately, we usually ended up playing a slightly more organized sport like kickball.

I can understand that there are a lot of people who have fond memories of playing kickball, and my Mom has even told me about adult kickball leagues, but I've got to be honest: I hate kickball.

I don't even know why: Maybe we just played it too much in childhood and I am over it.

I may seem a little kickball obsessed in this post, and mostly that is because of this article that I read about including games like kickball in my next family outing.

I don't want to play that particular game (as you can tell by now), but I get the point of the article. The point is to think about easy outdoor activities to include in your family outings. So, I am going to make the case for Frisbee.

Frisbee is easy to pack, easy to play and only require a minimum of two players. Generally, my husband and I like to incorporate multiple Frisbees when we have more than two players.

It's easily my ideal outside sport. Or, at the very least, I like it a lot more than kickball.

What's your ideal outside sport to play as a family? Tell me in the comments.

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