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If you’ve been with us for some time, you may remember when I had a ‘blog hater’ (aka. bully) a long while back.  She was like a stray cat to me.  If I fed her, she’d come back the next day.  Long story short, I didn’t feed her and wouldn’t post her nonsense.  She left… moved onto the next victim.  Its been a long while since I’ve had someone new come along that felt the need to call names, degrade and write inappropriate things… Bullies come and go though; we all know that.  It’s quite simple how I look at this ‘blog thing’:

If you don’t like a blog, there are millions out there; find another.

The other day, I wrote a post about Roman’s Family Birthday Party.  You may remember this post.  I posted it for whoever wanted to read, look at the pictures, take a tip or two for your own construction party, and about 24 hours later, I opened my e-mail to this comment from a woman named Janet (who I don’t know):

Young Lady– You need to get down on your knees this evening and ask God to reveal some things to you. Your post exudes a heart and mind full of pride, arrogance and materialism.  Ask God to forgive you and to release you from these bondage’s!  Hebrews 13:5 says “Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  I believe you when you write that you consider yourself to be “a child of God” – but you have gone astray!  You may be blinded to how things are right now.  Please consider my words prayerfully.  I’m far from perfect myself but I was astonished at what I see posted here.  I will pray for you today.  Also – your comment section says “Speak your mind” – you asked for what is on my mind. Post this to show that you have integrity.” -Janet

I’d like to publicly reply to Janet since the email address that she posted along with her comment is a fake address.

Dear Janet,

To me, you’re like another stray cat that entered this platform and I have no desire to feed you.  However, since you questioned my integrity, I’ll be happy as to not only post this but I’ll give you your own post; this one.  And then if you come back, I’ll click the delete button until you go away for good.  Bullies are not wanted here.  It’s clear that you are much older than me (calling me, “young lady”) and the thought of an older woman taking time out of her life to ‘hate’ on a young, pregnant mother of 2 is just sad.  Since you don’t know where my heart is, this blog is meant to encourage and inspire other moms through sharing recipes, ideas, tips, real life stories and more.  That’s what I’m about here.  And yes, I have a ‘Style’ section and I like ‘things’: home goods, clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, jeans… ‘THINGS’.  Last I checked, we all like ‘things’ no matter what the times are like and no matter what amount of money remains in our bank accounts- We are all ‘materialistic’ in some way.  This blog shares our real life PiggyToes adventures and if you are a regular reader and/or FB fan, you would see that I share all parts of those adventures, not just the frills of our lives.  I have always been open about sharing our flaws too as we are in no way, perfect. At. All.

For you to come here and point the finger, call names and question who I am and what I’m about tells me that you are not a frequent reader.  I believe you came across Roman’s little birthday party post and it was just too much for you to handle that day.  And I’ll even venture off to believe that this all stems way deeper for you.  Why do I think that?  Because you are located in San Francisco.  I had to laugh.  Have you seen or heard about the birthday parties that parents throw in San Francisco?  The carousels, petting zoos, bouncy houses and more… I’m sure they aren’t all like that but its not like you are writing to me from a 3rd world country. Don’t come to our blog and post such cruel and mean-spirited comments in my little boy’s birthday party post that was full of family, homemade food and some streamers and balloons.  And then bring God into it.

Lastly, while speaking of God, I just have to thank you for your prayers.  Whether you are praying out of love or out of hate, you are lifting my name up to Heaven and that’s always cool with me.  God knows exactly what to do with me (and you for that matter).  Please find another blog to read as its clear that ours is not suited for you.


Dear PiggyToes Fans,

From my experience, I can guarantee you that Janet will be back.  If you want, you can write to her in the comment section below.  I hope that none of you out there are dealing with a bully and if you are or if you have, feel free to also share how you got rid of them.  I’m sure we can all learn something here.  I’m constantly learning from you; my sweet blog world friends!


P.S.  If you want to comment, please go INTO the post and post the comment there.  THANK YOU!

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