Notice I didn't say "I [Heart] Photography.

I don't really know much about photography and all I have is a point-and-shoot.

But that's okay.


This month my cousin, who is a professional photographer, is going to help me out.

But not just me!

She's going to help all of us point-and-shooters out

so that we can take GREAT pictures of our loved ones

with our digital cameras

with a multi-part



You will get to:


Shoot and


This means - you will read the blog post, do some shooting, and then share your new awesome pictures via the linky on my blog.

Plus you will have an opportunity to post questions that she will personally answer for you!

Are you ready?

If you are ready to 


Shoot and


be sure to comment below!!

We would like to know that you are along for the ride.

[topics and exact dates to come really, really soon]

Thank you for sharing...

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