I interviewed Hayley Lewis - Australian Olympic Swimmer & The Biggest Loser Host

Hayley Lewis - From Champion Swimmer to Champion Busy Mum
I own and operate an online health and fitness free membership site, and decided to feature celebrity women to help inspire my members. You are all welcome to join anytime ; Here is my interview with Hayley Lewis. Enjoy!

Tell us a little about you & your family make up?

Mum Hayley, Husband Greg, our 2 boys - Jacob 12 and Kai 7.

What are your greatest achievements?

Personally - I feel having my two boys and staying in a positive and happy relationship for over twenty years is my greatest achievement.

Professionally - It would be starting my own business and writing a book.

As you were an Olympic Swimmer, was it hard to maintain your fitness
levels and body shape once you stopped such a vigorous training schedule
and then had children? Did this have an impact on you personally and/or

I found it easier after I stopped competing professionally as I had no stress which would lead to my issues of over-eating but after children, I noticed that it was more
difficult to find the time to eat properly and exercise.

After the boys were both about 12 months old, I was able to get into a better routine with eating, sleeping and exercise and because I had stopped breast-feeding them by
12 months, this became easier on my body.

How did you get back into such fantastic shape after having your children? Do you have
any tips for staying motivated with your health & fitness plan?

After Jacob I went to Jenny Craig which really helped and then after Kai I really knuckled down almost straight away. I weighed about 10kgs more after Kai so I made
sure I did a lot of walking with him in the pram as soon as I physically
could. I also tried not to eat anything white - bread, white rice,
baked goods etc.

Sample of Daily Nutrition
Breakfast Bircher muesli or 2 pieces of fruit & coffee
Lunch Sushi or tuna sandwiches
Dinner Tuna salad or fish
Dessert Lollies

Choc Slice / Fruit / Rice Cakes

(depends on the time of month and the
mental frame of mind)

Do you have a favourite occasional food? How do you keep cravings for this at bay?

Fruit! I keep the cravings at bay by looking at my butt in the mirror and being
reminded that I have to start filming The Biggest Loser soon so I have to shed a
couple of kilos...... I'm running out of time too!!

How important is good nutrition in getting fitter / losing weight?

It's essential, I have always been told that I can exercise my butt off but
if I'm putting bad food in my mouth, then losing weight is not going to

How important is exercise in getting fitter / losing weight?

Absolutely crucial. Always fantastic for the mind and essential to speed up the metabolism in order to lose the weight.

Can you give us an example of your weekly training schedule?

I actually keep it pretty simple and just run 10km every day!

Does the stress of being a working mother impact on your fitness routine?

No, because I have always been a
very early riser so I am back from my run before anyone has even woken
up. I won't go for my run though if one of the boys isn't well. I would
be worried that they would want my cuddles when I wasn't there.

What are your future health & fitness goals?

Better my first marathon time and try not to walk any of it next time. Lose 2kgs.

What life choices do you do each day to ensure you reach these goals?

Give my husband and boys as much love as I can give, bake every 3 days for
the boys and have a relaxing bath every 2nd day - especially in winter.

How do you feel about yourself now?

Busy - a little overwhelmed but excited about the year ahead. I would still like to be 2kg lighter.

What are your thoughts on our Busy Mums Fitness Club site?

It gives new (and old) mums an opportunity to gather plenty of information
in relation to an enormous range of topics. It is always comforting to
know that most mums have the same day-to-day stresses as each other.

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