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I want to share with you all an amazing opportunity that changed my life!

Hello All! I am writing tonight about an opportunity that I want to share with you all because I truly feel it is something that can be life-changing!

I am 36 years old, verrily happily married with a 3 yr old daughter. I have worked in retail since I was 14 yrs old. In 2001, I decided I was ready to finally be my own boss and work for myself. I took out a substantial loan and opened an 1800 sq. ft. women's speciality boutique in Atlanta called Blue Genes. It became very successful, very fast. Within 5 yrs the annual sales increased from $800,000 to almost $7 million, we expanded 3 times so that we know occupied 7500 sq. feet and added an online business. With this success came many risks and headaches. I worked non-stop, my overhead was ridiculous, managing employees was a daily nightmare, I had to travel frequently to do the buying, etc. I had my first baby girl in June 2007 and I missed many of her precious moments because I was "married" to my business. My passion became my nightmare. I hated being away from my newborn daughter almost all day, I hated that my nanny was basically raising her instead of me, but I was so torn. I had worked so hard for the past 6 years dedicating my life to my business. How could I just let it go??? I hung on for about 2 years and then I reached my breaking point.....I was living a lie. I was not happy working 60+ hour weeks and traveling and having a nanny (although I loved her and she was wonderful) raise my child. I didn't have her to be away from her.

Finally, this past June 2009, I closed my store. I became very depressed. The drastic transition from being a full-time working mom, with my own financial security to no longer working at all and being home 24/7 with a 2 year old was too much. I loved spending time with my daughter, but I felt like I lost my identity. There was definitely a huge void that I needed to fill. I refused to go back to work at a traditional job where someone else determined my life schedule, but I desperately needed to find something!!!!!! There had to be a way to find that family-life-work balance.

I had NO experience at all with network marketing, didn't even know anyone personally who had been in the industry and certainly NEVER thought I would end up choosing that career, but I did. During my hours of searching the web every day while my daughter napped, one day I came across a Rodan + Fields website. I'll never forget the words that grabbed my attention.....Proactiv Solution....a BILLION dollar company....the Dr.'s that created it are doing it again, only this time-you can partner with them and earn a percentage of the profits that are slated to be even BIGGER than Proactiv!!!! Then it listed in bullet points something like:

*Work for yourself, but not by yourself

* Minimal Start-Up Costs...have 2 working websites and begin making money immediately

* Everything done via web, no parties, no inventory, no paperwork

*Part-time or full-time from home

*Make your own schedule, set your own hours...min 10 hrs a week is all

*Immediate earning potential and serious long-term residual income

*No Overhead

I HAD to learn more. I emailed the contact person and within 2 days I was sitting in my first ever network marketing business opportunity meeting. Still makes me laugh to this day! All I was thinking was "even if only half of what these people are saying is true, this is STILL an opportunity of a lifetime"!!!

Desperate to start working again, I partnered with Rodan + Fields that night when I got home and it's only been 3 months, but it has honestly changed my life.

Just working again and feeling I had a purpose and new goals immediately helped my depression. I loved being able to work from home, whenever I wanted, for maybe 10 hrs a week. I was getting out and meeting new people, which was great. I missed all of my regular weekly customers from my store. And the BEST 2nd monthly paycheck was 25 times larger than my 1st months!!!!!!

I have finally found a career that allows me to control my life rather than a career that controlled my life!!!! Network marketing offers an unlimited earning potential, financial independence, long-term security and time freedom. I am loving my new career. I have met so many people and feel surrounded by success and optimism. I have had the opportunity to personally witness true life-changing success stories. this industry allows everyone, no matter what their background or experience level, the same opportunity to earn staggering success!!! Every day is unique and exciting! I now wake up and can't wait to start working.

Network marketing is definitely not for EVERYONE, yet the method is so simple, ANYONE can do it.
Anyone who is ready for a new quality of life where you can earn a substantial income and live life on YOUR terms, you owe it to yourself to at least hear more. I am honored to say I work with two of the recognized, respected & credible names in the skincare industry. In today's global economy with millions of people losing their jobs and traditional businesses offering so little security, the Network Marketing business model is beginning to look a lot more attractive and offer many advantages over the traditional business model.

If you want to learn more about this opportunity, please either visit my blog:

My website:

Email me directly:

or you can even call the number below to hear a PRE-RECORDED opportunity message (you just listen, it is anonymous and you don't have to talk to anyone):

enter code 1009906#



Jane Arrendale Sims

"Why should anyone make the awful choice between a rewarding career and good parenting when there is a way to do both"

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