We have all heard this old saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I was thinking about this saying in relation to an issue I have been dealing with unrelated to fitness but last night related it to my fitness.

When it comes to fitness I think many of us get into our workout routines and stick with them because it works. But does it always work?

Last summer I trained for a half marathon. I noticed a change in my body, I slimmed down a little, improved my running speed and became a stronger runner. I didn’t do any other type of workout, no strength, speedwork or other type of cardio. I felt good but I wanted to tone up as well and wasn’t seeing those results. So my workouts weren’t broke necessarily because I was in shape and healthy but it was broke in the sense that I wasn’t accomplishing my goal.

I completed my half marathon and had to take a break from exercise. I did some research while on this break and read how important strength training is for over all health and wellness and how it can improve running as well. When I could exercise again I made a decision to quit the gym I was a member of which in turn stopped the classes I had been taking before I trained for my half marathon because I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted with them. I found Best Body Bootcamp and started it in October and I have seen great results in my running as well as in my muscle definition.

I think it is easy to get into the mindset with our workouts that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It is easy to do what works in our schedule because goodness knows we are all busy in our own ways so we need to make workouts work for us. But it is so important to make sure you are changing things up if necessary.

Reasons to change things up:

  • you are feeling unmotivated to workout
  • you are not seeing the results you want
  • you are not improving in your workouts (for example cardio not getting easier, weights staying the same)
  • you are not seeing the results in your weight that you want
  • you are not reaching the goals you have set


Ways to change up your workouts:

  • try a new class
  • try a new running training plan
  • if you are a runner sign up for a race
  • find a new strength workout
  • try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training
  • talk to a trainer/hire a trainer
  • do a workout DVD
  • try a new piece of cardio equipment
  • start tracking food (keep track of calories burned in workouts and calories eaten)
  • workout with a friend


Do you ever feel like if your workouts aren’t broke don’t fix them? Do you switch your workouts up every so often to keep them fresh? How do you change up you

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