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If it wasn't because we are already married...this would be our last date.

Since the New Year, hubby and I have had two date nights.  Last weekend was the first attempt.  We were supposed to have a romantic dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant and then we would be off to see a movie.  We were supposed to leave work early, meet at home, change and then head on out again.  Babysitting was covered and the kids were looking forward to a date night of their own.  They had control over the babysitters, Oreo cookies, freshly baked brownies, the Wii remote controls!  They couldn't wait to get rid of us.  Trouble was, hubby got home too late.


So the plans changed from a romantic Italian dinner about 30 minutes from the house, we opted for an ethnic restaurant a quarter of a mile from home.  The car did not have time to warm up by the time we pulled into the parking lot.  The food was good but the service was terribly slow.  While our stomaches were churning with hunger pangs, we did manage to engage in conversation that did not revolve around the children, bills or chores.  It was actually pleasant and peaceful.  The restaurant was not very busy, even for a Friday night.  There were only 5 other tables that were occupied so it was rather quiet.  The owner came over and spoke with us for a bit which was rather nice.  Although I was silently wishing that he would shut up and come back with our food!


When everything was said and done it was too late to catch a movie.  We were not up to catching a midnight showing of anything besides our dreams.  So date night ended and in 90 seconds, we were back home.  And the kids were still in control.  And wired, from the sugary snack rampage.


Last night we were lucky enough to find ourselves without the children.  They were off to relatives for their own fun filled night.  They left at 5pm.  I had wanted to be out tof he house by 5:15.  I had planned for a quick bite at a famous hamburger joint and then off to try to catch that comedy I had been wanting to see.  But yet again, I was sitting at home waiting for hubby.  He had just gotten home from the gym just as the kids were leaving and still needed to take a shower, shave and do whatever else he needed to do.  Then he asked if we could see the new James Cameron flick instead of the comedy.  I conceded so long and he hurried up and got ready.  And then just like that it was 6:30 by the time we got into the car.  The movie started at 7pm.  With no time to spare, we get to the movie theater and snatch up our tickets and head to the concession stand.


And then the fight started...He stares at the menu board and asks if I would like to eat a hotdog or chicken nuggets.  Hmmmm, let's see, I rarely ever eat hot dogs.  One would think that after 18+ years of marriage, he would know my likes and dislikes when it comes to things like food.  He should know by now that hot dogs are not high on my list of things I enjoy eating and that coffee has only crossed my lips twice in my lifetime and I don't drink it because I cannot stand the taste of it.  But it never ceases to amaze me how he stills asks what kind of coffee I would like whenever he goes to Starbucks.  So just for laughs I will ask for a double espresso with a shot of vanilla and a dallop of whipped cream.  Then I roll my eyes.  I know that one day he will take me seriously and come back with that order.


At any rate, I simply stated that I think I could last a James Cameron movie without subjecting myself to eating awful movie theater food.  Let's just grab the popcorn and go get our seats.  Without making eye contact, he mutters, "You see?  That's your problem.  If you don't get your way, then you will punish yourself and not enjoy anything else."  I glower at him.  "What is that supposed to mean?"  Now he turned to face me, "You are pissed because we didn't hamburgers and now you won't eat at all."  I tried to explain that grabbing a burger from a 5 star Zagat rated burger joint does not compare to lousy movie theater food that has been sitting out under the red lights all day because not many people go to the movies looking to have dinner too!


He was right.  Now I was pissed off.  First he stringed me along all afternoon waiting for him to finish at the gym, then it was a mad rush to get to the movie theater on time so that we can watch 20 minutes of previews and then he insults me on top of that. 


I was hoping that at least the movie would have been worth it, but even James Cameron was out to get me.  The movie was so terrible that I seriously thought about telling my husband that I was going to go to the bathroom and then sneak into another movie.  That was a fun idea I toyed around with.  But I toughed it out.


When we got back in the car I promised myself that he is not allowed to pick any more movies for us to go see.  I was hungry, annoyed and hated the movie.  It was a total waste of time, money and make-up.  I would have been more fulfilled going to sleep early that night. 


Just as we pulled into our driveway, we received a text that the kids were having a blast and would be home in about 20 minutes. 


My kids had a better date night than we did.  They told us about all the fun they had on their date night.  They even giggled in delight that they got home so much later than we did.  I think we need to start hanging out with them on their date nights.


I told my husband that it was a good thing that we are marrried, because if we weren't, in the dating world, he would not be getting a call back anytime soon.

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