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IMMACC Review for Woman Entrepreneurs

By Kari Day


Is iMMACC right for the woman online entrepreneur? It is no secret that Women dominate the social media and small business ownership market. Women have figured out that to do business successfully, they must be online.  But many women have expressed a need to improve their online marketing effectiveness. So where can women go to improve their online presence and brand? Many have chosen to take a look at hiring a mentor, coach, or even getting more training in effective marketing. We took a look at the popular company iMMACC, (Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center) to see if what they had could really provide everything today's online woman entrepreneur needs to succeed.

iMMACC ~ What Can They Offer The Woman Entrepreneur?
#1 Marketing Training: Having archived more than 700 hours of online marketing training spanning more than 50 different methods, iMMACC is well equipped to teach and train anyone in any business how to effectively market online. They are continuing to add to their 700 hours by keeping their lifetime members up to date on the latest marketing tactics with 3 live weekly trainings. However, there is no hand holding here. The training is serious and complete but you must be a self-starter and apply what you learn to succeed, says a long time iMMACC member.

#2 Mentor and Coach: Most successful entrepreneurs have a coach or mentor, with iMMACC you get both. You get a trainer and mentor who is multi-millionaire online marketing expert Gerald Van Yerxa. Yerxa is a long time successful entrepreneur in areas such as advertising, radio, and sales. The Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center is solely owned by Yerxa who is dedicated to bringing the best information to the students and members of iMMACC.

Coaches, who are successful online entrepreneurs themselves, are there to help guide you through your training. They are also great business partners who can help you to navigate your way to success. But Yerxa is the first to admit that this program is only for those who are serious about business and succeeding. He admits that this program may not be for everyone and request that you take a serious look at the program before deciding to join.

#3 Non-stop training: When you become a member, you are a member for life. That means you will continually get live weekly trainings that keep you up do date on the latest in business and marketing; what is working, what are the latest methods, and what is new. That is one of the most unusual aspects we found with this company. Many programs are only a few weeks long, but iMMACC offers lifetime training and membership.

If you are looking for a partner who can help you to succeed regardless of your business this may be for you. However, this is not a small program, and it’s not for everyone.
It takes dedication to the process, and a desire to learn and apply what is taught, according to one of their successful coaches. There is a learning curve, but if you apply what you learn you can go from knowing nothing about online marketing to being very successful in your campaign in a short time.

It seems to me that if you are a woman entrepreneur who is looking to increase your online marketing presence, iMMACC may be right for you. To Learn more about iMMACC’s Internet marketing mentoring and coaching program, how it can help you, and explore the possibility of using their affiliate program that offers a competitive compensation plan as an additional stream of income, visit iMMACC Review.

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