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Importance of Sleep Training in Babies

Sleep is very important for a child’s health and growth. During the early development of children, the primary activity of brain is sleeping. Sleeping is very important during those early days as it can affect the physical and mental development of children.

Sleep training is very important for babies, even though it is very challenging. Parents should be aware of the health hazards babies are prone to if they don’t get enough sleep. Babies aged between 2 to 6 months need to get around 14 – 16 hours of sleep daily if they must lead a healthy life.

Sleeping Problems in Babies

  • Sleep Deprivation: Some babies do not get enough sleep. If you see your baby awake, fussy or cranky during bed time, that means your baby is not getting enough of sleep or is too late to go to bed.
  • Separation Issues:  Babies are usually sad and depressed if the mother is not with the baby while sleeping. If your baby is used to cuddling, then you can keep a small blanket near them to make your baby comfortable and feel you are nearby.
  • Nightmares: Every baby is likely to get experience nightmares at some time or the other when they sleep. At such times, you must cuddle your baby, talk to the baby, and make the baby feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Poor Quality of the Mattress: Poor quality of mattress can not only disturb the sleep pattern of elders but also cause sleep deprivation in babies. So, check if the poor quality of the mattress is the real reason for the sleeping problems in your baby. If yes, you must consider replacing the mattress with a new one. If you are confused about choosing the best mattress, read the reviews of different mattresses available on

 Sleep Training in Babies: Tips and Tricks

Have a Schedule for Your Baby: It is important to create a sleeping schedule for your baby. Most of the time, a baby’s sleeping problem starts because of not having a sleeping schedule. If your baby wakes up very early, then you need to make sure you put your baby to sleep a bit late in the night. This will allow the baby to sleep till daybreak. Keep a check on the babies day time naps so that you can make sure the baby gets enough sleep or is not sleeping too much during the day. If your baby is sleeping too much during the day, it means you need to engage your baby more to ensure that he/she doesn’t sleep much in the mornings and instead sleeps well at night.

Snack before Bed Time: Babies will not sleep well when they are hungry and may be cranky and restless at night. Therefore, feeding your baby with light bedtime snacks can keep your baby’s hunger away and allows the baby to sleep well.

Remain Calm When Things Go Wrong: Even with sleep training, babies are restless at times. Parents need to remain calm when things go wrong. If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and starts crying, do not lose your cool. Be calm and prepare yourself to handle the situation. Babies usually become restless or cry when they feel hot, are hungry, when they wet the diaper, due to colic or experience a nightmare. You need to keep your cool and try to first calm the baby and then find out what the exact reason is to make sure things go well.

Remain Consistent: When you deal with babies, it is important to remain consistent with your plan and schedule. If you are liberal at times and postpone the sleeping time, they will start doing it on a regular basis. Therefore, you need to make sure the sleeping schedule is met and babies are trained so that they follow your rules and schedules.

Reward Your Baby Once in a While: When your baby follows your sleeping schedule and meets the goals set by you, then it is important to reward your baby so that they feel encouraged and rewarded.

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