So again I went a couple of days without blogging, but this time I had a better reason than I was just busy with other stuff. 

I accidentally knocked my husband's laptop off the couch and broke the screen. UGH, I felt terrible. Luckily for me, or us, it was still under warranty.  So he wasn't too mad at me. Actually he wasn't mad at all. I have a great husband everyone. The best.

He took it to Best Buy today and was told it would take probably 2-3 weeks till we got it back.

My heart felt like it was being strangled.  What's that you ask? Can hearts feel that way? Well of course they can. Just wait till you drop your laptop and then get told that it will be weeks before you have one again.

Now maybe you're asking yourselves, "If you don't have a laptop how are you blogging right now?" And maybe you're not actually asking yourselves that because you don't care or read my blog. Hehe. But we have another laptop that is several years older and runs as slow as my great grandpa walks.


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