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After my initial horrific solo mUm travel experience, I developed a strong 'fuck you' approach towards anyone who even dared look in my direction when Michael cried, however, on my recent international travels, again as solo mUm, my patience and language profanity ability were truly tested!

The story begins, again, as our 36-hour adventure begun in Norfolk with my struggling with the car seat, luggage and Michael, as impatient travelers grunted for me to hurry through security, not one even considering to offer a hand, and of course the ever so friendly airport staff happily asked me to remove my jacket, shoes, Michael's jacket, shoes, and a backpack, while encouraging that I move quickly as these same grunting passengers were waiting.

Still, not a single 'fuck you' was uttered....oh, no, I saved those words and bigger guns, plus two in-air fights, for the return journey!

Before I go any further, I have to say that Michael was the perfect toddler on all flights, not one crying fit, not one tantrum, just simply outstanding, except for one Virgin Lounge Banshee Man episode which, mind you was almost 8 hours past his bed time.

Now, had this been the opposite, I'm sure I would have ended up in handcuffs in some floodlit airport holding room, after beating down some asshole!

As for the return journey, I can only NOW laugh beneath my anger and frustration at just how inconsiderate and uncompassionate people really can be. Again, I lugged and lugged through countless airports, delayed flights and long layovers, however it was the last flight of the night that resulted in profanity that shouldn't be heard by man!

Upon landing in Atlanta, due to a 2 hour delay, we had 20 minutes to transfer between 4 terminals, which involved catching a train and running like a Kenyan with a car seat, hand luggage and Michael, who by this time was way overtired and screamed any time I put him down to walk.

20 minutes...otherwise we'd be spending the night in the airport...NOT GOING TO HAPPEN DELTA!!!!!

So, once we were given the all clear to disembark, I had Michael standing in the aisle, car seat in one hand, carry on in the other, when a 40+ woman barged through me, pushed Michael to the floor to get her bag from the overhead.

Now, push me and you'll hear about it, but push my kid and you're going down bitch!

With my volume button on loud, the following transpired:

mUm: Excuse me you inconsiderate fucking bitch, excuse me would have been nice.
Woman: I've got a plane to catch.
mUm: I've got a fucking plane to catch too and a child who you barged over.
Woman: Calm down.
mUm: Fuck you dumb bitch, I'm traveling alone with all this crap, so fuck you!

Plane doors still not opened, so Woman turns her back on me. My patience was really tested by this point...it was so late, I hadn't slept in over 24 hours, Michael was getting restless, and I was on the brink of tears.

But you'd think that was a random act right, huh, think again!

As we finally start to disembark, a 30+ man again just barged through me to get his overhead luggage, and that when the gates of Hell opened. For the safety of all involved, I will NOT share the transcript on this one, but it wasn't pretty, my words were not those that a woman should speak!

THEN just before I reached the 'you've got one phone call' point, the voices of Heaven started singing and a lovely man offered to carry the car seat and walk with me to the next terminal, although is flight was going to Tel Aviv.

This same lovely man helped me until Mr. Delta Pilot took over, transferred us through the train terminals and on to the waiting gate. Both he and the Delta crew who had witnessed my frustration, said unfortunately that my incident was more common than not, and that people these days are just inconsiderate when it comes to helping anyone but themselves.

How did it get to this? I grew up understanding that if someone LOOKED like they needed a hand, I'd offer it. If I saw a solo mUm struggling through an airport with a crap load of luggage and a crying toddler, I certainly wouldn't look the other way!

Have people simply become inconsiderate fuckers' or are they scared of some lawsuit crazy person taking advantage of a good deed?



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