Inspirational Transformation - From Childbirth to Triathlon Champion

From Childbirth to Triathlon Champion
Sherah Reeves - A member from my free women's health & fitness site Busy Moms Fitness Club ; Enjoy the read!

My name is Jessica, I am 24 years old, married and have two young girls, Madelynn and Elizabeth. I have never really been over weight in my life
and have always maintained size 8-10 (Australian sizing). I've always
enjoyed exercising - working out at the gym, running, playing netball -
anything to keep me healthy and fit.

During my first pregnancy I only put on about 10kgs. After giving birth, I found myself getting depressed and feeling down about my weight and newly changed body. Being
a first time Mum I felt confined to our home. I wasn't interacting with
many people as I just put all my energy and time into Maddie. I didn't
seem to have any time for myself and I was slipping slowly into
depression. Thankfully, I recognised this and decided that I needed to
get out and get some sun on my skin.

I decided to start swimming training, as I was able to put Maddie into the pool's crèche, allowing me to train and clear my head. I started feeling better about myself
instantly! I was able to have some “me” time plus I was working on
getting my figure back. My goal was to keep going so that I actually
felt confident in my togs again. I found that I was calmer, a better Mum
to Maddie, that I had more energy and that I got a lot more done each

I was swimming three days a week at the same time, which made a really good routine for Maddie and myself. I just had to be
"selfish" sometimes and put myself first. I would write in my diary what
I was doing for the week, and the days I was exercising and stick to
it. I kept swimming right through my next pregnancy with Lizzie. I was
still doing butterfly the day before I gave birth to her.
second labour was extremely fast and I feel it was because I kept up my
swimming and stayed fit. I was back in the pool two weeks after giving
birth to Lizzie, because I didn't want to slip out of routine and
possibly into depression.

Before Photo - during 1st pregnancy
Before Photo - during 1st pregnancy
I also added in training at my local gym, where I was able to bring the girls with me while I worked out.

I was improving so much at my swimming and was moving higher up in my squad that I needed to set a new goal to keep me motivated. I decided to
do a triathlon, as I have always wanted to do one. This new goal really
helped to keep me focussed and mentally helped me push through my pain
barriers at training.

I wrote a basic program for myself, including my usual swimming routine, running and bike riding. I also
incorporated the 'tabata' and 'smash' workout videos on the Busy Mum
Fitness Club website which helped increase my strength & fitness,
added varity and still managed to leave me sore the next day. I liked
that I could to them anytime, from the convenience of my own home.
Trying to train for a triathlon as a stay at home Mum was sometimes
challenging, so I had to exercise whenever I got the chance, around my
young girls schedule.

Queensland Police Triathlon - 1st Place Medal presented by Bob Atkinson, QLD Police Commissioner
Queensland Police Triathlon - 1st Place Medal presented by Bob Atkinson, QLD Police Commissioner

I trained intensely for 4 weeks and competed in my first triathlon. To my surprise and delight, I actually WON the triathlon! I was so proud of
myself for completing my goal and for doing so well at it. The other
added bonus to all my training and hard work was that I gained
the figure that I have always wanted.

Although I was doing all this swimming and occasional gym work outs, I still wasn't completely happy with my body.

I had love handles after having Lizzie (my second) that just wouldn't budge. They are now gone!

Every night I use to sit down with my husband after the girls went to bed and eat a bowl of ice cream. My weakness use to be ice cream. It had sort
of become a tradition for us. While I was in training for my triathlon I
missed a week or two of eating it because I just didn't feel like it.
After my triathlon, I treated myself to a few scoops of ice cream but I
just didn't enjoy it. I couldn't even finish it and I got the shivers
and thought that I was going to throw up!

Ice cream is no longer my weakness. When I am exercising regularly, all I crave are healthy
foods. After any exercise, I have a protein shake afterwards. I exercise
hard enough each time so that I 'earn' my chocolate flavoured protein
shake. That is my treat for a hard work out. The thought of having “junk
food” makes me feel sick. ....

I am addicted to exercise and I couldn't imagine my life without it. When I reach my exercise goals, I reward myself with a new outfit, or new
workout clothes – Lorna Jane is my favourite.

Jessica's Measurements
Date Body Fat % Weight (kgs)
Feb 2010 17.5% 59kg
Jun 2010 15.2% 57.3kg
Aug 2010 14.3%


I am now a size 6 (Australian) or US size 2 and am feeling happier and healthier than I ever have!

I love that my girls want to join in with me and do their exercises too, after they see me doing them. They want to be like Mummy - strong, confident and healthy.

I know that I am teaching them the best habits for a happy and healthy life, which is one of the best gifts I could give them.

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