Help me! I'm having an internal struggle with myself this morning. Do I dress my girls up for Halloween? Molly is definitely too young to participate, I'm not even sure I'll dress her up. But is Maggie at the age to really "get" Halloween? She'll be two in two weeks. (Yikes!) I can't decide if I should play along or just wait until next year. Last year, I dressed Mags in her NFL Jaguars cheerleader outfit. I felt like I was cheating by using an outfit we already owned, but Maggie didn't even know the difference. Plus, I saved money by not buying something new!

This year, I'm struggling over whether to participate or not. She doesn't understand why Mommy is dressing her up and the last thing she needs is a bag full of sweets (and her parents don't need it either)! However, she might
enjoy using her costume again for playing dress up. I did some online window shopping at Amazon and found a few costumes that I love, but just can't get myself to click the "Buy" button yet. As of right now, the garden gnome costume is tops on my list. Isn't it just the cutest?

What age do you think is appropriate for toddlers to participate in trick or treating? What is your little one's costume for Halloween this year? I'll keep you posted on whether I play along with Halloween or put it off another year!

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