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Is Affordable Health Care a Privilege or a Right?

"I'm definitely going to say it's a Privilege, as a Government employee I am Granted um Health Care and I see first hand that for one to have Health Care you need to have jobs so, therefore we need to continue to cultivate this environment that we're given the opportunities to have Health Care as well as jobs to all the American Citizens worldwide."

I believe by now most of us are familiar with these words. The comments made by a beautiful young woman by the name of Kara McCullough, who has just been crowned Miss USA 2017. I can't believe we still hold these pageants where women parade around like pieces of meat, but that is another topic for another day. Miss McCullough is twenty-five years old, born in Italy and raised in Virginia. She works for the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. I was impressed by her story and by her chosen field in Science. But then she lost me when she opened her mouth. My immediate reaction I won't share but after taking some deep breaths I was able to find better ways to articulate my thoughts. Here's my perspective on her comments. 

She is twenty-five years old and though age is not an excuse by any means I can understand that perhaps she still at this point really hasn't had the full experiences of what life is like without Health benefits, after all, she comes from a military background. Perhaps she and her family have always been covered and or never really had to deal with the health care system.

Her intent on hinting that more jobs are needed for our American citizens was missed by a simple word usage which was PRIVILEGE

She said that "in order to have Health Care you need to have a job", reality check there are many American citizens with jobs that don't have and can't afford Health Care. I am one of those, my daughter is one of those I know many who are "one of those."

Being a healthy citizen should be a right that everyone in our society has. Healthy people bring about prosperity and prosperity brings about growth and even power. You empower your people to work and build for themselves, build their families and give back to society. But if you are sick and or dealing with bills you can't and don't have anything to give period.

I work a full-time job, was born and raised in the United States and can't afford Health Care. I shared my experience on this post so hearing her talk about jobs and Health Care in the same breath made me very uncomfortable. Again here was someone who has no clue talking about something that affects so many people daily.

I hope that this opportunity that she has been given isn't missed and that she digs in deeper and becomes better informed so that she may perhaps help this broken system that she deems is a Privilege to have. My wish for her is that she understands the following:

  • expecting mothers without proper medical care have the possibility of bearing sickly babies who will require more medical attention. This costs money all around and may not be a one shot deal
  • early detection of any medical issues saves lives and keeps families together
  • having basic needs met such as dental and eye examinations deter long-term illnesses 
  • proper care for our elder is the least that should be done so that they can have peace of mind in their old age
  • no one should have to choose between paying a bill and getting a physical, they are both equally important
  • no one should be put in a predicament of losing all their lives work because of high medical bills 
  • most importantly the keyword is Affordable, no one is asking for a free ride. Reasonable fees all around should be a requirement

Is Affordable Health Care a Privilege? No, Kara McCullough, it is not! Humanity will not thrive if there is illness and if something as basic as Health Care is not accessible what will happen to Humanity?

What do you think about her comments? What are your thoughts on Health Care? Is it a right or a privilege? Share your thoughts.

Always stress-free xo,


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