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Is an "Organic / Eco-Friendly / Green" life style important to you?

Good Morning All!

Trying to get better at "blogging" here but with all of the other stuff of being a business owner and mommy, life gets really busy!

I have been posting on Facebook and Twitter information about "Organics" and/or Eco-Friendly stuff.  I try to focus as much as possible on keeping an "organic" house.  And that does mean different things to different people.  It seems to be a rather "hot and/or trendy" topic now a days and the more I learn about it, the more important I believe it to be, especially for certain items.

It is funny how years ago food was so much more pure and basically organic, and now a days, most of our supermarkets sell prepared or prepackaged items and the outer isles are so small - the "fresh" section that is.  And how the list of ingredients are so long - and no one knows what most of them are.  Years ago, this was not the case for the most part.  People knew what ingredients were, their were maybe 4 or 5 ingredients in a loaf of bread, and it lasted a few days, not a couple off weeks.

In addition to owning, I also work in the medical field.  I have spoken with many pediatricians and they really believe that children are going through puberty much earlier these days due the contents in our food and how many extra hormones are added to food.

I do believe that milk with no extra hormones is very important to buy as poultry.  (I try to eat mostly vegetarian - which is a whole other topic).

As far as toys go - we do sell a number of Eco-friendly / Organic toys on our site and when is launched we will too.  We have video games, yes, but I will tell you - I am really learning to hate video games as they do suck your kids in most definitely.......but when i put my foot down, which is getting to be more often than not, the toys that my kids play the most with are things like wooden blocks and imagination toys.  With all of the new stories on lead paint in toys, I think more and more parents don't want to take the chance and are looking for more "green" products.

And for clothing, well, HarperGrace is going to be introducing a line of really cute "organic" baby / kids clothing in the near future. The thing about organic clothing is think about all of the dye used in clothes, and yes a lot of skin can take it - but ever wonder why your babies skin breaks out?  The chemicals in clothing are pretty harsh.  Even as an adult our skin can get easily irritated.

So, the short of is it, Yes, organic / Eco-Friendly / Green, all positive terms that should not be taken lightly when eating, playing or dressing ourselves and our families.


Patty Gatter, Owner

Carrying a woman through her pregnancy, caring for her newborn, and providing a healthy life style for her family.

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