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I like this link-up I just discovered...

It's OK...

...to pin ab workouts on Pinterest that I will never actually try.
...to want to take a nap every second of every day.
...to be really cranky while starting a diet.
...to take Advil for my caffeine withdrawal.
...to feel relieved when my youngest gets on the bus for school.
...to feel exhausted the second the bus drops her off.
...to pick acorns out of my neighbors driveway for crafts.
...to have 1,000+ projects in your head {and house} going on at the same time.
...to not be able to find the polish remover and paint another layer over the current chipped toe nail polish. Because, disastrously painted toenails is better than bare toenails.
...to skip reading the line above - it's so LONG.
...to renew a book from the library for the 3rd time, even though I probably still won't read it.
...to let the papers pile up until I can't stand it - and then file them all in one day.
...to miss my daughter's Curriculum Night, because children aren't allowed...at school. hmmm
...to want my daughter to behave at home and be unruly at school.
...to want to have nice things my kids will most likely break.
...to have soup for lunch when it is 90 degrees.
...to be really tired of summer already. 
...to crave pumpkin and caramel everything!
...to do Nothing. Just Sit. Breathe. Do Nothing. It's a nice reminder. But I don't.
Join this link-up if you like at: Brunch With Amber

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