They say people spend about 30 hours a week online, playing games, on Facebook and Twitter, reading, researching...


That's nearly 4 1/2 hours a day.  And besides what people do for work.  Many spend their entire 8-hour workday on the computer.


In fact, for many social media has become a work distraction and many work places only offer local internet - that does not allow one to visit other Internet sites.


The fact is that media, in general, has completely taken over our lives.


What would it be like to live for one month without a TV, stereo, computer or cell phone?  Would we survive?  Sure we would!  And I'd venture that some of us, at the end of one month, would find our priorities completely changed.


This is not to say that media is wrong and that we should not allow media into our homes.  However, it can be a time-waster if we allow it to be.  As parents, and as godly parents, we must learn to display self-control in how much we allow media to control our time.  In doing so we are influencing our children and teaching them to learn to set good controls in place.


What are some practical ways we can do this?


1. Place your computer in a conspicuous spot where everyone can see you.  By doing this you are giving yourself accountability because the whole family can track how much time you spend at the computer.


2. When you are not using your computer put it on hibernate or turn it off.  The latter will take longer for you to boot up and you'll think twice about "just checking emails" or "jumping on Facebook for a second".


3. Keep a log of how much time you spend online and what you are doing.  This will probably be an eye opener for many.


I got the idea to write this post - and frankly, I was horribly convicted while writing it - after deciding to join Courtney over at Women Living Well for her Media Monday Challenge, which is running through August 22nd.


Today she posted about her log, something I am doing, too starting today.  (the idea for point #3 came from her post today!).  I am ready for the ugly truth about how much time I spend sitting in this chair, staring at this screen!


Anyone want to join us?





Now, these ideas I wrote specifically for computer time. But what about our iPhones, iPads and so forth?  I don't have any of fact, I can't even go online with my simple Nokia 6288 slider.  So, if you have ideas about these other sources of media, please share!


Thank you for sharing...

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