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So I have been having fun doing multiple tasks....i think!

I am enjoying the blogging more and more. Between the 4 I have, I am here at the most times. I have a blog at the Muscular Dystrophy community, a blog at my Reunion/Homecoming Association as the director, a blog at a site I run for women who had been traumatized by abuse & depression, and another blog at a Mom's Blog site. But I am also having fun reading alot of blogs by other mom's. It is so interesting to read about other mom's and their motherly adventures.

I am hoping to still have my Ladies Dinner party on May 8, even if the National Mom's nite out is on May 7. I think no matter what, we all will reconnect some how and just have loads of fun. Taking a break and just sit back at someones home and enjoy a relaxing moment with no other distractions around us. A little glass or wine, some finger food, some nice calming (and dance) music, a nice dinner. Some laughs. Share about our livelihood...things maybe you would be afraid to talk about in an restaurant for the fear of extra ears.

I'm also been working on some Marketing strategy for my Alumni Association. With us doing multiple things getting ready for the Reunion and the cookbook, I have some great ideas to boost the sales and reel in the alumni for another year of great fun at the next reunion. Now to raise the money to do the marketing! LOL The cookbook I believe will do great on it's own. Billie and I have talked about ways to raise the funds from the cookbook, including selling them on E-bay. It's not going to be just any cookbook. It will be a memorable one for not only our Alumni, but for the general public too. Our goal is to try to sell 700 for the first load and then see how that goes before we sell more.

I've been noticing here at the Apartment complex that more n' more people are throwing their trash on their cars and riding it down to the Trash dumbster. I'm sorry but it is so close of a walking distance since this is a small complex that it seems people are getting lazier and lazier. Even my neighbor who is no more than 5 doors from it drives it over too. I almost want to laugh. Its like we are forgetting what EXERCISE means.

It sort of reminds me how so many have "small" lawns yet they have a riding mower. I remember the days (yes, here it goes again) when we had to push those suckers and if you lived in the country it was NO small yard. We had to do at least 2-3 acres of it. Seriously. NO riding mowers or tractors for us. Now as adults and even in the city/surburban areas..they are riding their mowers! LOL Please!! get out and so some walking-exercise!! Get that circulation going. Sweat it out...loose any extra pounds! Live it out! when you have less than a 1/2 acre, you don't need no riding mower. LOL

So I just noticed the time...I need to watch All my children before I miss it again...I also need a nap and get Tim should be back later!

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