It's Swimsuit Season and I have a Great Summer Buy

Normally on Mondays I have some sort of meat recipe to share with you for 'Eat Meat Mondays' but tonight we're going to the end of the season T-Ball pizza party and am off the hook for dinner. But I do have something exciting to share with you.

Warning: to the guys reading this, you may want to log off now. I think you might be bored with this post. But the ladies will find it very informative.

I'll give you a little background first.

Two summers ago, when Bryce was 3 1/2 years old, I decided to take both he and Paige to the gym to try out the pool. The three of us were in the family changing room, changing into our swimsuits and as I'm tying the strap to my halter top type swim top and ready to head out the door, Bryce says to me "MOM! What are you doing??!! You can't go out there like that!!"

But why not Bryce?

"Because you're wearing THAT!" as he points to my top.

Bryce, this is a swimsuit I say, as I reach for the door knob.

Then Bryce becomes REALLY frantic. He shields the door with his body. He just can not believe that his mom is going to walk out in front of everyone with a top on that looks very similar to underwear.

Thinking I might be 'falling out', I do a double check in the mirror to make sure everything is 'contained' and they were. So I explain to Bryce that this is what Mommy wears to go swimming in and lots of other mommies wear swimsuits like this to go to the pool. He reluctantly follows me out.

The only thing on my mind at this point is that I couldn't believe I was already embarrassing my own kid with what I was wearing. He's THREE! This thought was somewhat devastating and a little bit humorous at the same time (didn't know that was possible).

After arriving poolside, Bryce realizes that lots of other moms were wearing the same type of swimsuit as his mom and I could see that he physically relaxed. Phew!

SO, fast forward two years later (we skipped the gym pool last year) I am again thinking of bringing the kids to the pool at the gym and decided to buy a swimsuit that covers a bit more. I'll still wear the two piece when we go on vacation and when I have a spray tan going, but for the gym, it's going to be a one piece or a tankini.

A few weeks ago when I was taking a shortcut through Sear's at the mall, I noticed a section of Land's End swimsuits hanging on the racks that didn't look half bad. (I may be a mommy of two but I don't want to wear a 'mommy looking' one piece). I didn't have time to stop. But today I did.

I'm sure everyone dreads swimsuit shopping as much as I do, but I tried to overlook the pasty white of my skin and tried on a few of these swimsuits this morning.

And let me tell you!

They suck you in and push you up in ALL the right places!

No kidding!

Here's what I'll be sporting poolside at the gym (the photos are from the Land's End website..... you don't want to see my pasty white body).......

This off the shoulder number is very slimming in the mid section and very flattering. I'll probably wear mine with a little swim skirt over it. I think it looks a little "Sex in the Cityish" don't you?

The other one has a lot of support in the chest area, even though you can't tell in the photo..... trust me, it does. Again, very flattering on.

I'll probably wear it with this...

And the best part, they are on sale at Sear's for 40% off right now! WooHoo!

So if you're hunting for a supportive, flattering swimsuit, you can try these on at Sear's and purchase or purchase online at Land's End (I don't think they're on sale online at Land's End).

Here's the Land's End website.
I do not receive any payment for referring customers, I just like sharing a great find when I come across one. Happy shopping!

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