The longer I sit here the bigger my feet swell.




But knowing that doesn't seem to stop me.  


Truth is, I sit at my desk way too much.  To be sure, I do administration for our church, so I must sit here some of the time.  I do my devotions here, read the news online (and sometimes comment on it here), and I blog...and sometimes I just sit here without even knowing why I am here.


All that sitting hurts my back, it doesn't waste any calories, and it makes me more lethargic.


While I am very disciplined about my time online, and have even cut myself off from Facebook for a time (seriously...I don't miss it much - in fact, I hardly even notice anymore!), I still sit at my desk more than I'd like.


Back earlier this year, when I was less disciplined about my time online, I even wound up in therapy for lower back issues.  I do have chronic lower back pain due to an accident when I was younger, I have a scissor fracture in my lower lumbar region that cannot be resolved.  So excessive sitting is not good for me.


And yet, its not good for anyone. The more sitting we do, the lower our heart rate is which equals a lower metabolism, which equals less calories burned, which results in weight gain.


Sitting also strains our lower back, and most people get so caught up in what they are doing they lose all track of time and forget to get up and walk around.


Often times sitting brings on the munchies - and face it...when you have the urge to munch, you rarely have the urge to munch on you turn to chips, cookies, and other unhealthy snacks.


But the worst is that sitting makes our "sitter" expand and spread out.  


While being 8 months pregnant is forcing me to put my feet up and rest, I am trying to find ways to make that "rest time" productive, so that I can balance out my sit-time and on-my-feet time.  I haven't got it all figured out yet, but I am trying.


Do you find yourself sitting too much?  Have you noticed a change in your body and health because of it?

Feel free to share how you are working at counteracting this problem.

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