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Jump Start Your Storage Business With The Help Of The Space Manager!

As far as the storage industry is concerned people still use the traditional methods' of laying down maps and designing units. But to have a cutting edge over the other storage facilities it is vital to have a technically sound self storage business and that could be easily achieved now with the help of the Space Manager.

As the name suggests the Space Manager is self storage management software that is purpose built to regulate and efficiently manage a single unit storage business. All the features of this software are specially designed to give the staffers' a stronger and portable control of the storage facilities.

does-flash-and-software-defined-storage-spell-doom-for-oem-business.jpg (640×466)

Efficient customer services management and control

The day to day business procedures including the invoice printing, online reservations' and even customer record keeping can be easily done in the least amount of time with automation features. The Space manager also allows the operators to carefully oversee customer services in order to attract more business.  Moreover the software w highly capable of managing a multi site storage business without making any purchases including the customer capacity units or additional web features. All of this is automatically adapted to suit the customers’ needs.

Moreover the software company also provides help and assistance to the storage facilities staff to avoid any issues or technical lapses'.

New customers and start up storage businesses can find more info by following the link provided.

Highly interactive self storage software with map designing features

The self storage software is tailor made to create more precision and provide faultless management of every single unit in the facility. To make things easier the Space manager storage software comes equipped with the option of interactive mapping and design options. Users can easily lay out designs and manage units by getting high quality graphic designs. Furthermore the storage facility’s database is conveniently linked to the maps of all the units it houses. This allows the unit operator to go through the details regarding the turnover, profit percentages and the move in and mo e put frequency to accurately assess the popularity of a particular unit.

Easy rent out options and management facilities

The storage facilities personnel's can either rent out or reserve units just by making a few clicks. The software provides instant access to all maps of the units that are located in a facility. All the maps are also interlinked which allows users to switch from one unit to another simultaneously.

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