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10 Ways to Spend More Time in Nature

You might dislike nature. It’s the home of mud, bugs, and sunburns. It’s also the home of beautiful views, fresh air, and wonderful fragrances. You might dislike nature, but on the other hand, you might love it. Whatever your feelings about nature, you know you should be…

What To Post About On Your Mom Blog About Your Family’s RV Trip

If you run a mom blog, you should know full well that a family RV trip is far too big of an opportunity to pass up to write about.

In fact, you can probably get multiple posts out of a single RV trip, even if it’s only a quick…

Adorable flower girl dresses to choose from

As the music rises and your guests’ heads start to turn, they’ll be delighted to see the cutest little members of the wedding party start making their way down the aisle.

The tradition…

I am teaching my son cursive.

He was reading some Diary of a Wimpy Kids books and couldn't read the cursive bits...when I asked the school if they taught handwriting, they said no. I don't understand why handwriting is no longer taught - at least to the level that children are able to read it. So, I teach it to my son at home.

And he writes me love notes in cursive now. Pretty notes with "I love you, Mom" on them. And those little scraps of paper are beautiful and something I'll hold onto forever.

And that is one reason why paper will always be around.

There are some people who believe that paper will eventually go away, but those are the people who forget everything we use paper for - not just books and letters, but tissues and napkins, too. Paper is really everywhere.

I love paper.

For scrapbooking, and notes and cards and pretty decorations, I have reams and reams of paper in my office. And I let my son use whatever paper of mine he wants. I want him to appreciate how important writing is and how paper is still a big part of that.

So, I leave him notes on his desk in secret codes for him to translate, and he writes me love notes back. We cut out snowflakes and do crafts. We talk about the feel of a paper book in our hands instead of reading on the screen. And, we keep paper in our lives.

What is the best note you've ever gotten from your child? Tell me in the comments.

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